A simple BUSINESS MODEL for monetising your priestess magic

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2021

This blog post shares a simple business model for monetising your priestess magic and getting paid for bringing healing to the world.

I’m SO grateful for the coaching industry.

One - it’s allowed me personally to live my purpose and help hundreds of women change the trajectory of their lives.

Two - it’s a space where women can reclaim their priestesshood, step into feminine leadership, unapologetically own their healing magic and get paid for bringing healing to the world.

It truly has never been more simple to monetise your priestess magic and replace (heck, even increase) your 9-5 salary.

The numbers alone say it all.

Let’s say you’re just starting out and you start out with medium-ticket 1:1 packages (in the coaching industry high-ticket is generally considered as anything £3.5k+ and medium-ticket is £1.5k+).

And lets say you begin with a medium-ticket £1.5k 1:1 coaching package, and through consistent messaging and converting content on social media, you bring in 3 clients a month.

That’s £54k a year!

And let’s say you get fully booked within 6 months (with people who can’t get enough of your work) and then raise your rates to £2k. 

That’s £72 a year.

Plus any extra masterclasses and group programmes and memberships you offer. 

The possibilities are truly endless for you, priestess. 

Feeling ignited? I’m calling in rebellious women who want to grow their soul-aligned business to new heights in the next 6 months (in an ethical and sustainable way).

If this is you, apply for Awaken to Freedom, and let's see if its the right next step for you.

Love Sarah x

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