How to make your business more ethical [9 tips]

Uncategorized Aug 02, 2021

This blog post is about making sure your biz is ethical as possible.


After the two years that we’ve just had, how the fuck could it be business as usual, right?

The cracks in our capitalistic, ego-driven, patriarchal, white supremacist, and ecology-destroying society are well and truly visible and there are some things that can now never be unseen.

Racial inequality. Gender bias. The increasing gap between the rich and poor .The escalating climate crisis.

I have to admit, there have been times over the past year when it's felt really hard to keep my focus on my business with so much chaos happening.

Guilt. Overwhelm. Shame. Fear. It's all come up.

But so has: Hope. Determination. Commitment. And faith.

As I see it, our businesses can either perpetuate damage caused by the system. Or they can provide regeneration, healing and hope.

It's may feel difficult to know where to begin, but it all starts with a commitment: to unlearn and relearn.

I really don't resonate with the concept of 'do better' - anything that triggers a shame spiral won't ever lead to lasting behavioural change. Instead, a more helpful focus is that of unlearning and relearning. This invites us to explore and begin the process of embodying a new way of being in life and business, one that encourages us to make more empowered decisions about our lives, businesses, communities and planet.

Here's some food for thought on how you can start to do that in your own life and business:

One | Get Clear on Your Core Values. What are you about? What do you desire for yourself and others? Are your business practices are in alignment with these values? For example if a core value is freedom, but you find yourself glued to social media all day, hustling for clients, is this business practice really in alignment?

Two | Challenge Your Biases and Prejudices. Related to gender, sexual orientation, race, class etc. This is NOT easy of course but I think the benefits of this speak for themselves. The language I use to talk about my work has changed a lot since starting to do this work, and as a result I've seen a lot more diversity in my community.

Three | Check your Privilege. Privilege is not a dirty word. its not something to feel guilty for because EVERYONE has privilege to some degree. Feeling guilty about it is useless. Instead,  feel thankful for it, and commit to using it to help others. For example, I have obvious privileges such as being born looking a certain way and in a developed country. But other privileges are that I'm clever and I had a privileged education where I was taught to think critically. You BET that I'm using those privileges to help my community and clients. Ain't nothing to feel guilty for.

Four | Recognise Not Everything Is  ‘Mindset’. Coaches, I'm primarily talking to you. Mindset does play a role in people's 'success' but there are also systemic biases, and traumatic histories that affect people’s experience of life. Our job as feminine leaders is to hold space for acknowledging that, rather than bypassing our people by telling them it's all mindset.

Five | Refuse to Agitate. Oooof, do NOT intentionally trigger your community’s pain points in your messaging (which is highly manipulative and unethical). Yes, a lot of coaches teach this but it's disempowering AF. Always speak to possibility, expansion and growth. Share what's possible but don't over-promise. make sure your messaging is bringing in empowered clients who know what to expect from your services and product and make their purchasing decision from a rooted place. 

Six | Redefine Success. Create a definition of success that goes way beyond monetary and material pursuits (good bye toxic consumerism). In my view, the world doesn't need more wealthy people depleting resources in the name of individual success. It needs more people to be living wholesome, connected, truthful and fulfilled lives.

Seven | Reassess Your Financial Goals. On that note, let go of striving for arbitrary financial goals you think you should do for to prove you’ve ‘made it’. Do the work that lights you up and you know is making a difference, and let money be the happy byproduct. Nope, you don't need to be poor, but who says you need to be 'rich'?

Eight | Rest Often. Don't override your body and mind’s need for rest and play. Rest is rebellion against a system that teaches us to exploit everything, even ourselves. You're not lazy if you want a day off. You're not going to fail if you work one hour less. The less I worked, the more my business worked. The reason? It forced me to get efficient. I have systems that work, messaging that's magnetising and the maintenance of my business rarely requires more than 15 - 20 hours a week. The rest of the time, even if I feel guilty, I rest and play.

Nine | Give Back to Nature. Building a business requires resources such as laptops, phones etc, that are mined from Mother Earth. Use only what you need, look after what you have and find a way to give back to Mother Nature. As an example, every woman who joins my community membership Thrive, is carbon positive for each month she's part of it. Hundreds of trees are planted on her behalf. One day, I hope we will have hundreds of women join - just think about the impact!

Remember: you are here to facilitate immense change.

This doesn’t mean taking everything on your shoulders and doing everything perfectly.

It means questioning the most basic assumptions you have about life and business, learning to trust when something feels off, and going your own sweet way.

I love you.

Sarah x

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