How to attract empowered, responsible, respectful clients [3 tips]

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2021

This blog post is about attracting clients who're ready and prepped to get results.

 It's really simple: if you want empowered clients, you need to ensure that you create empowering content.

As priestesses, we’re here to facilitate the evolution and healing of our planet - so why on earth would we want to remind people of their pain and then agitate it further?⁣⁠
Yet this is just one of the copywriting marketing techniques that’s widely taught to online coaches and healers to create clients online.⁣⁠
A popular formula is known as PAS:⁣⁠
This type of marketing is not only highly unethical (it triggers and exploits unresolved trauma), ⁣⁠but it also runs the risk of bringing clients into services who may not yet be ready to take full responsibility for their journey. 

I don't know about you, but I much prefer to bring in clients who are a joy to work with, and although there will be ups and downs on the journey (building a business is triggering AF and it's my job to hold that space), I know that quantum magic can only happen when a woman is ready to take fully responsibility for herself.

There's a reason why I carefully position my services facilitation and space-holding, instead of the 'solution' to their 'problems'. Because by unconsciously presenting ourselves as the 'saviour', we attract people who put us on pedestals. And this leads to shaky power dynamics that enable co-dependancy and inhibit growth.  

A more potent way to bring in empowered clients?

1. Get clear on your soul’s message for them.⁣⁠
2. Convey it is a straight-forward way.⁣⁠
3. Speak to their expansion. ⁣⁠
Magnetic messaging brings in magnificent clients.⁣⁠ Always. 

Remember: you're not there to save your clients. You're there to hold themselves accountable to a higher vision.


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