Priestess, let's talk about your IMPOSTER SYNDROME

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2021

This blog post is about moving past imposter syndrome.

If you’ve been feeling the call to teach, or facilitate, or express, or speak out, or create….. you’ve been feeling the energy of HER - the Priestess.⁣

Simply put, you are a vessel of the Divine, here to channel divine wisdom, end suffering, and make the world a better, more beautiful place.⁣

But most likely, imposter syndrome is getting in the way of you truly making the difference you know deep down you’re here to make.

The nagging belief that you’re not ready yet and that you don’t know enough may feel like objective truth to you. But we know that this isn’t the case, because it’s been shown that imposter syndrome is less about ability and more about creating feelings of ‘safety’.

In fact, research has demonstrated that those of us who experience imposter syndrome tend to be more conscientious and actually perform better than those that don’t feel like imposters. Ironic, right?

Sadly, most women don’t realise that their imposter syndrome is simply a mechanism that their brain is using to try to keep them ‘safe’, by stopping them from doing anything new and unfamiliar.

But now that you understand this, priestess, you can finally stop hiding behind your ‘need to know more’ and instead immediately start shining your light into the dark corners of the world that are begging to be illuminated.

I'm rooting for you.

Sarah x

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