What’s your investment style? (& why it could be cock-blocking you from the results you want)

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2021

This blog post will help you get the most out of your business investments.

When it comes to investing in our businesses, we’re surely all on board with the idea that aligned investment is a key component for biz growth (I mean, shoe-stringing your biz is not a badass priestess move, right?). 

But what if more important than IF you invest, is HOW you invest?

Because, and this will blow your mind 🤯 - we attract who we are.

And so, if we want to attract premium committed clients, we need to be a premium committed client ourselves.

To illustrate this, I invite us to go a little deeper.

There are 3 key business investor types (NB this has nothing to do with the price, and everything to do with the investment approach).

1. The Reluctant Investor. She knows she should invest, but doesn’t trust herself to actually get a return on her investment. She wonders why she attracts clients who are unwilling to pay.

2. The FOMO Investor. She doesn’t yet know what she needs to focus on to bring her to the next level, so she buys course after course, getting sold on hype, but rarely implements what she learns (because she holds the course creator responsible for her results, rather than taking self-responsibility). She wonders why many of her clients don’t follow through on their promises or ghost payments. 

3. The Empowered Investor. She’s educated herself on exactly what she wants to focus on mastering and looks for high-level support. She trusts herself to make back the investment, but doesn’t really think about it too much. She’s decisive, and committed, determined to reach her goal no matter how long it takes. And her clients are just like her. 

Moving through these three investor types is a normal part of growing a business. Every single type of investor is of course worthy of business success.

But when we learn to make more decisive and grounded investments, not only does our money actually go a lot further, we also call in responsible, empowered clients.

Love Sarah x

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