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This blog post is about stepping into your priestesshood and growing a thriving online business. 

I love working with various priestess archetypes, because they give us a great framework for understanding our journey to feminine empowerment and divine purpose, and what we can focus on embodying to bring us closer to our life vision.

There are two priestess archetypes I want to share with in this post:

1. The Closet Priestess

2. And The Empowered Priestess

The Closet Priestess is a rebel, here to challenge the status quo. She wants to run a business that gives her freedom and helps people, but she’s confused about what to offer and what to focus on. 

She’s obsessed with personal development, knows a tonne and people always come to her for advice. 

She has a big heart, she’s hungry for growth, but she’s also worried she does’t know enough and she’s not qualified enough. She’s scared of judgement and not being taken seriously. But she wants freedom for herself and others more than anything, and knows that the way to do that is to build a successful online business from helping others. She’s just not sure how.

An Empowered Priestess is fully owning her dharma and magic. She shares it unapologetically with the world on social media, creates offers that truly help people, calls in cash and clients consistently, and is constantly in process.

She doesn’t always feel 100% confident.

She doesn’t have a massive audience. 

She doesn’t have a long list of qualifications.

✔️She has a compelling message and great brand positioning.

✔️She has a consistent but boundaried social media presence.

✔️She has an effective sales process.

✔️She’s built her her emotional resilience.

✔️And she’s in this for the long haul.

Which priestess archetype reflects your current stage of development?

And based on this, what are you now focusssing on embodying?

Sarah x

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