What's WAY more important than being liked

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2021

This blog post is about feminine leadership.

Social media is shaping our quality of leadership - and not necessarily for the better.⁣

Let me explain my thinking around this.⁣

Through the very way it’s been designed, it teaches us to be ‘followed’ and ‘liked’.⁣

But the way I see it is that true leadership isn’t about being followed - it’s about helping people to lead themselves.⁣

And should we really strive to be ‘liked’?

As if somehow, if we don’t get enough likes, what we have to say is worthless?⁣

I’ve noticed that my content that really speaks to the change I want to see (and brings in clients who feel the same way) rarely gets lots of likes. I could spend hours hypothesising about why, but what I do know is that if we as leaders of change are constantly getting lots of applause, we’re probably not yet sharing our deepest truth.⁣

What does this mean for YOU? ⁣

Let go of caring about vanity metrics. ⁣

Say what needs to be said. ⁣

Facilitate the work that needs to be facilitated.⁣

Be relentless in living and sharing your message, even when you think no-one is watching. ⁣

And remember that living a meaningful life will never ever be a popularity contest. They don't have to like you.⁣

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