The energetics of RECEIVING in life and biz [4 tips]

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2021

This blog post is about the energetics of receiving as a woman.


 I believe that, as an act of rebellion against a system that devalues the feminine, it’s vital that women relearn how to receive.

Like most young women, up until my late twenties, I had a habit of putting my needs at the bottom of the list. This meant that I found it difficult to receive anything: help, compliments money, because my culture had conditioned me to believe that good women were supposed to be selfless. 

And yet there was also a desire within me to thrive meaning that there was always conflict between my innate desire and capacity to be fully expressed, and my socialisation.

This really showed up for me when I first started my business - receiving felt so unnatural, I cock-blocked myself repeatedly, which led to a stressful first few months.

Now, things are very different. I have an incredibly healthy relationship with receiving. And as a result, not only am I taken care of, but I'm able to give to others, from a full cup.

If you find yourself blocking the flow of abundance and goodness coming your way, here are 4 things that will help:

One | Cultivating connection to feminine energy. Feminine energy is itself magnetic and cultivating feminine energy is a powerful pathway to ease, flow and expansion. Feminine energy is energy of magnetism. Feminine energy pulls.  When things aren’t flowing, its usually because we are forcing. We must surrender and allow.

Two | Cultivating openness in body, mind and energetic field. For most of us - our default is contraction, caused by past experiences. Fear and doubt is always going to come up as we evolve, but by choosing to move into expansion, with our thoughts, our movements, our decisions, and our body, we create space to receive. 

Three | Letting yourself be supported. I used to have a belief that I needed to do everything myself and that if I didn’t, it was a sign of weakness. I also didn’t trust anyone to do it better than me. But the truth is we get to be held in the sugar daddy energy of the divine masculine. When we are held in container, it allows our feminine magnetism to expand further. 

Four | Embodying your 'sacred no'. By embodying the energy of no, you'll be able to say yes to the things that you truly desire, and your capacity to receive will expand. Often we don’t say no to things because we’re fearful of the repercussions. It takes bravery, but practicing a sacred no, in all areas of our lives, is the way to honour the inner goddess, embody our value, and open ourselves up to receive more.

Remember: your expansion is a gift to the world.


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