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Uncategorized Aug 30, 2021

This blog post is about the relationship between service and success.

I've just come back from a two week off grid experience, in an incredible space called Terra Alta, Portugal. ⁣I haven't quite found the words yet to express how transformative this experience was, and how it has ignited another kind of awakening within me, one where ecological literacy and stewardship of our planet take precedence. I'll share deeper about my experience in another post soon.

In the meantime, I want to share with you some thoughts on the relationship between service and success.

Spending my days sleeping in the forest, taking care of the land, harvesting our food, and being in sacred community has reminded me that we can be in service every moment, and that it’s this that allows us to live a rich and nourishing life.⁣

When it comes to our businesses, what I’ve seen with myself and with my clients is that when we allow our desire to truly serve lead the way, we thrive, emotionally, energetically and financially.⁣

If money is our only focus as business owners, the magic that stimulates richness and growth tends to weaken very quickly.⁣

And I see this so much: people barely making ends meet and putting pressure on their business (& clients) to save them financially, or people using their business growth as a way to gain recognition because they don’t yet feel enough.⁣

When operating from those spaces, we lose connection to our deepest desire to be of service to others, and even when the money does come, or we meet our big goals, it never feels enough because something is still missing.⁣

And that something is: the deep fulfilment of contribution. The mission we have for our lives, the love we’re here to share and the healing we’re here to facilitate.⁣

Service is what binds us to each other.

It’s what connects us to deeper meaning.

And it’s a channel for richness beyond money or recognition. In fact, it’s the thing that allows humanity to thrive.⁣

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