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This blog post is about what to do if your offer isn't selling.

Most new business owners panic when their offer isn’t selling. 

They wonder if they should lower the price or try selling something different.

But the reality is, if your offer isn’t selling, it’s not because it’s too expensive, or people don’t want it (if that was the case, no-one would ever make money as a coach, and we know that's not the case).

It’s because *drum roll*…..

....you probably have weak messaging. 

Messaging is how we share about our offer in a clear and compelling way. It’s what makes people go ‘holy shit, that’s me, where do I sign up?’

No amount of posting on social media or fancy launch strategies will work if you don’t have your messaging dialled Prospective clients won’t even register that your offer can help them, which is a shame for them and sucks for you. You want your audience to be like ‘oh my god, I feel like you’re talking directly to me!’

That’s why we focus so much on messaging with the priestesses who join Awaken to Freedom, because 99.9% of the time, their messaging isn’t specific enough.

Here’s what most people don’t know about messaging:

1. Messaging needs to be clear and magnetising. If it's vague, it won't sell.

2. Messaging is a process of exploration, meaning you’re not gonna hit the nail on the head first time round, but with consistent feedback and exploration, you’ll strike messaging gold (and that’ll happen a lot sooner when you have support).

2. We all have blindspots. When we’re so familiar with our work, it’s actually harder to articulate clearly what we do and who we help. That’s why working with mentors who focus on messaging is crucial and, to be honest, the only business investment you should make early on.  

Want to master your messaging, priestess, and create, deliver and sell out your premium offer in the next 6 months? Me and my team are here to help you. Find out more here.

Love Sarah x




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