Why you DON'T need to show up on social media every day to skyrocket business (& what to focus on instead)

Uncategorized Jul 04, 2021

This blog is about optimising your social media content so that you don't have to be on there all day every day.

Contrary to what many business coaches out there are saying, you DO NOT have to show up on social media every day to skyrocket your business.

Think quality, not quantity.

Your content isn’t there to drive engagement or to even build your following - it’s there to position you as a leader, showcase how you can help your people and usher them into an offer that’s going to rock their world. 

One post with clear, potent magnetic messaging, is worth twenty lacklustre posts.

But alas, messaging can be tricky - we often find it difficult to see our own magic and message, which is why getting an expert's eyes on your work can save so much time, tears and tantrums (hint hint - I'm here to help you *ahem*).

But to get you started, here are four magnetic messaging tips:

  1. Get clear on who you’re talking to and what they DESIRE. This ensures that your ideal client feels seen, heard, and understood. When they're saying 'oh my god, I feel like you're in my head' - you know your messaging is speaking to them.
  2. Own your unique magic. Own why you’re amazeballs at what you do - and share it unapologetically. You have skills, knowledge ad experience that many people can only dream of. Own it fully, sister.
  3. Rather than explaining how your work works, share why it matters. People never buy what we do - they're sold on why we do it. Share about why you do the work you do and watch your conversions skyrocket.
  4. Remember: if your content bores you, it’s gonna bore your community. Make it zing, lady! Then its imbued with your energy, and it'll speak to your people. Always say what you want to say - that's how you become a leader!

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