The deep inner work that builds your self-belief, gets you deeper clarity on your purpose, and gives you a coherent action plan for you to actually live it. 

Hey darling, I see you. You're at a crossroads in your life - life has recently thrown you some pretty big lessons - and you know that you're ready to pivot.

You're want to begin a new chapter, and it's exciting and scary.

One part of you trusts the unfolding, and another part of you feels not ready and fearful - it's like there's a conference going on in your head, with one person cheering you on and another telling you that you don't have anything to offer the world.

What you really want is to build your self-confidence, unapologetically own your gifts and gain new clarity about your mission, your purpose and a plan of action to propel you forwards.

If your self-belief matched your deep desire to be unapologetically yourself and make a difference in the world, you'd have taken over the world by now.

And you know it's true. But instead here's what you might be experiencing:

  • You feel overwhelmed trying to figure out which direction to take next.
  • You have many ideas but you lack confidence in yourself. 
  • You want to start a business but you're not sure about what that business could be or how to get started.
  • Truth be told, you feel like you need to do more inner work to find out who you really are deep inside.
  • Friends and family have tried to offer you support and advice about what to do next, but all it does is make you close up and actually feel worse.
  • You've spent so much time looking after other people's needs and expectations that it now feels uncomfortable to focus on yourself - but you know it's time to.
  • You're on a journey of self-healing and self-discovery, and you know your purpose has something to do with helping people, but you don't feel ready to get started - it's like you need to do a bit more inner work first.

You know deep down that you're made for bigger things. 

Is there a reason that a brilliant and capable woman like you finds herself doubting herself and wondering what she can offer the world?

You bet there is. And it's not your fault.

Let me explain.

Your experience of life up until now has been a direct result of your unexamined familial, social and cultural conditioning.

Most of this is rooted in patriarchy. And the traumatising effects of late-stage capitalism. 

You see, you might not be fully aware of it but from a young age you were given very clear messages from your family, your social circle and your culture about who you should be and how a woman is supposed to behave. For example:

  • Good girls put their needs last.
  • Good girls aren't too loud or too out there.
  • Good girls work hard.
  • Good girls must always seek external approval and permission first.
  • Good girls strive for perfection. 

And either you adhered to these rules and found yourself feeling restricted, anxious, lost or deeply unsatisfied, or you didn't follow them, and you (and the people around you) believed that there must be something wrong with you.

But there's nothing wrong with you. It's our society that is sick.

Building your confidence, clarifying your purpose and living as your authentic self helps heal this collective sickness.

When a society doesn't encourage it's women (& other marginalised people) to fully show up in the world as they are meant to be, the world suffers. By doing the deep inner work of honouring and following your authentic callings, you not only liberate yourself, you play your part in the liberation of the whole the world.


Having the support of a loving & skilled coach like me can seriously be the difference between living an expansive, fulfilled and joyful life or staying stuck in the same old patterns year after year.

There's a reason why top athletes and artists hire coaches - they know that coaches are the secret sauce to thriving.

It's the accountability.

It's the focus.

But it's also so much deeper than that.

"The truth is, I'm not your average 'coach'. I don't even know if I truly identify with that word. Instead, I see myself as more of a catalyst, here to mirror back the things you cannot see, reshape the way you see yourself, help you feel confident, honour your deepest heart yearnings and soul callings, unapologetically own your gifts, decondition from shoulds, and get incredibly clear on your next steps."


"Sarah has taken a confused, frustrated and determined young woman and helped her walk forward -- pushing past her fears, sharing her truth and desires, and realising step by step, what her worth is - yeah, I'm talking about me.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Sarah has helped me break free from what's been holding me down for years. Thank you Sarah, for helping me realise that I am worth everything I hoped for, and more. I'm getting to know the real me, and I'm loving her. "

Anna East

I can help you.

A facilitator with over 1500 hours of coaching experience, I offer private sessions that are carefully crafted to help you gain the unshakeable confidence and crystal clear clarity that you deserve. If you know you want to do something more meaningful in your life, this work is the deep inner work that will help you feel ready and clear to take the next steps.

 Here's what I can help you with:

  • Increasing Feelings of Safety. Before you're able to listen to the wisdom of your soul callings and deepest heart yearnings, your nervous system needs to feel safe to do so. We can focus on building a sense of safety and presence through breath and bodywork, so that you can begin to feel free, at ease and lighter.
  • Moving Past Self-Doubt, Fear & Shoulds. Through somatic work, I can help you start to build a relationship with yourself. We can focus on creating space for you to deeply listen to and start the process of unburdening the parts of you that are holding you back. By illuminating, accepting and then releasing the parts of yourself that you judge the most, you can start to free up space to connect to the real, powerful you. We can work on moving past the fear of judgement so that you can start living life for YOU.
  • Building a Relationship with Your Authentic Self. Through archetypal work, we can work together to help you come into contact with your truest and wisest self, the one that always knows the answers and the next steps. 
  • Owning Your Unique Gifts. We can dive deep into who you really, and what you're truly here to bring to the world. I can help you fully and unapologetically own your talents, gifts and experience, and unlock new ways of how to share them with the world. 
  • Clarifying Your Purpose. I can help you to define what living with purpose really is for you and how you can design your life in a way that allows you to be the fullest expression of yourself. Whether it's a business or your next career move, we can help you get clear on your next life chapter.
  • An Aligned Action Plan. Armed with your new clarity and confidence, together we can activate your most authentic life path, and design an action plan of consistent sacred practices so that you actually live it. You'll know exactly where you're headed, and feel confident to follow your authentic path.

My work is heavily influenced by the following teachers (some of who I have worked with closely, and others I have only 'met' through their books and online training programmes):

  • Steve Harrison - The Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton UK
  • Charles Eistenstein - Sacred Economics
  • David Holmgren - Principles of Permaculture
  • Looby MacNamara - People and Permaculture
  • Rachael Maddox - ReBloom Trauma Resolution 
  • Marisa Peer - Rapid Transformational Therapy
  • Natalie Brite - Ethical Marketing and Sustainable Business
  • Richard Schwartz and Fran Booth - Internal Family Systems and Integrative Parts Work


"This has been everything I've needed in this moment of time. It's been the best investment I could give myself. All the awakening I have received feels like a rebirth... I feel I can gently peel off old beliefs that no longer serve me and dedicate myself fully to my gifts and my wild magic... I feel more empowered to rise into my authentic essence."

Georgina Foster


  • Having deeper insights and clarity on your truest life path and having the confidence and direction to follow it, so that you can start that business, write that book, set up that non-profit or pivot in your current career or business.
  • Feeling more at home in yourself so that you can feel more ease and joy.
  • Feeling more sure of your intuitive nudges, gifts, talents and desires, and how YOU can deeply contribute to the world, so that your life becomes the masterpiece you always hoped it would be.
  • Feeling deeply confident, and having a tool kit to move past self-doubt, fear & insecurity when they come up, so that you can do the things you're meant to do in this lifetime.
  • Your relationships flourishing as a byproduct of feeling in alignment with who you truly are.
  • Having the courage and clarity to make the real impact you’re here to make, and unlocking deep contribution and potent prosperity as a result.


"I can honestly say the transformation I've seen within myself is nothing short of a miracle." Kerry Hinns

"She has unlocked the door within me to radical self-confidence as a woman.... I can't even put into words how expansive that feels.... to finally be able to see your feminine magic and power instead of pushing and forcing yourself." Isabelle Ysebaert

"I've never felt so held before.... The energy of Sarah's work is so potent and magical." Marissa Mignone

"I feel for the first time in my life, all the pieces of my life are fitting in, and I'm finally living my truth and purpose in the world." Telma Gonçalves

Hi, I'm Sarah. 

Author, dharma coach, yoga teacher, holistic business mentor, nature advocate, sacred activist, & priestess.

I have a gift for helping women see their own magic. And then live it.

I became a dharma coach because I know the power of coaching.

With a loving coach and powerful tools, it becomes easier to reconnect to and stay in your true power and purpose. No matter where you are, or where you've been, I'm here to lovingly guide you back to the woman who've been put on this planet to be.

I have over 1500 hours of coaching experience and work with a range of body-based and cognitive-based modalities. I am trauma-informed and I place huge emphasis on ethical and safe space holding. This means that I take a culturally responsive approach that factors in race, religion, and gender, amongst other things, as well as making sure we take a pace that is right for you. 

My work is heavily influenced by the following teachers (some of who I have worked with closely, and others I have only 'met' through their books and online training programmes):

  • Steve Harrison - The Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton UK
  • Charles Eistenstein - Sacred Economics
  • Rachael Maddox - ReBloom Trauma Resolution 
  • Marissa Peer - Rapid Transformational Therapy
  • Natalie Brite - Ethical Marketing and Sustainable Business
  • Richard Schwartz and Fran Booth - Internal Family Systems and Integrative Parts Work

Sarah's dharma coaching practice is currently full.


To add yourself to the waitlist, please email Sarah: [email protected],  and let her know that you're interested in receiving coaching.