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An on-demand nervous system-based somatic journey that teaches you how to relate to money in a more empowering way (so that you can earn more and save more).
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It makes the world go round. But for many people, it's still a source of struggle, because many of us have never been taught how to relate to money in an empowering way.  

Working with the nervous system is a key component of learning how to do this in a way that opens you up to experience more self-trust, confidence, power, freedom and capacity.

You may not have been taught how to relate well to money, but I believe it's never too late.

And in our global systems, learning how to relate to your finances in a healthy way is a sure fire way to improve not only your sense of peace, freedom and well-being, but also the well-being of those around you.

Everyone wins.

This course is a grounded approach that'll help you finally start to take control of your money situation so that you can feel safer, more secure and more free.

Money Alchemy is for you if:

  • You¬†are very much winging it when it comes to money.
  • You‚Äôve tried mindset work¬†but it hasn't really helped you earn more or save more.
  • You're a business owner and selling¬†makes you feel icky.
  • Or you're in a job and you feel stuck with money - it feels like there's a cap on how much you can earn and save.
  • You feel like you have no control over your money. It flows in but quickly flows out.
  • You prioritise¬†the needs and desires of your family¬†and sacrifice your own.
  • You find yourself working harder or asking for¬†less to try to make up for your privilege.
  • That being said, you¬†want to feel empowered around money and increase¬†your capacity to earn, save and intentionally manage¬†it.

This course isn't¬†going to tell you to ¬ībecome a vibrational match for money¬ī lol.

It's going to instead take you on a somatic journey that'll help you build your capacity to earn, save and intentionally manage money, in a way that makes you feel safer, more at peace with yourself, open you up to more opportunities and do more good in the world.
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Why I created this programme

I am so grateful to relate to money in a healthy way, but for a long time, that wasn't the case.

It’s hard to even think to how it used to be.

Saying no to the things I deeply wanted to say yes to.

Living pay check to pay check.

Feeling contraction in my stomach whenever I thought about money or had to spend money.

Seeing that there was little leftover and the end of every month.

Keeping my rates low because I wasn't sure if my skills were worthy of what I actually needed.

Over giving and under receiving to make up for the shame I felt around my privilege.

Feeling shame around money.

And burying my head in the sand about savings, investments and retirement.

Fast forward to now and I have a much healthier way of relating to my finances.

I live a simple, wholesome and abundant life and very rarely find myself stressing about money. 

I have control over my earnings.

My expenses are intentionally manageable.

I have a vast financial safety net and am also building security for my future.

What's more important is that money doesn't define who I am or my worth. I treat it as the tool it was designed to be.

I used to think maybe I was just lucky. And, I am aware of my systemic privileges, but I also know things changed for me because I learned how to embody a different way of relating to money.

This isn't a programme about budgeting and accounting. Nor is it about manifestation and wishful thinking.

This is a programme about you (your ability to receive, to discern, to know your needs, to set your boundaries and to build your capacity to receive and manage money without overwhelm).

Praise for Sarah:


"Sarah is a true embodiment of feminine leadership and working with her has been profoundly transformative." Laura, UK

"The embodiment practices have been game changing for me. They really are magical. I'm so grateful." Nina, UK

"My whole world has shifted." Anna, USA

"This is changing my life in so many ways. So eternally grateful!" Martina, Spain

This 3-part somatic journey consists of 3 on demand workshops: 

Workshop One: Money & Somatic Embodiment

Workshop Two: Self- Work & Taking Smart Risks

Workshop Three: Sovereignty & Discernment 

Each workshop is around 75 minutes long and deeply experiential.

Hey! I'm Dr. Sarah Coxon. 

I'm an archaeologist turned author,¬†seasoned yoga teacher, nervous system-trained¬†somatic practitioner, somatic coach and creator of Regenerative Alchemy‚ĄĘ Somatic Coach Training¬†.

I created Money Alchemy because I want to help you feel more empowered in how you earn and handle money.


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