The Way of the Priestess Business Catalyst.

Create freedom. Make money. Change the world.

In our modern world, almost every single traditional structure - be it social, political, economic or academic - shuts out a woman’s priestesshood. Within these structures, there's no room for a woman’s intuition, a woman’s emotionality, a woman’s compassion. In short, there is no space for a woman’s true power. 

As the feminine rises, it's no surprise that women are now instead choosing to activate their priestess power elsewhere, as healers, coaches and teachers. 

And here's the thing - you are part of this rising! You may not believe you're ready, or good enough or qualified enough, but that's just limiting conditioning. Deep down, your soul knows you're here for more. You can feel it.

And what does it take to activate your priestesshood and become limitless? The decision to say yes to your dreams.

"Living a life of abundance, freedom and purpose is every woman's birthright."

-- Dr Sarah Coxon

Welcome to The Way of the Priestess Business Catalyst

Your blueprint for thriving in online business.

The Way of the Priestess is an explosive business catalyst where you'll experience your next level of personal power and business clarity. Activating your priestesshood is all about learning how to live a life that is true to you. It’s about owning your power. It’s about calling in your people. It’s about serving deeply and being really good at what you do. It’s about being magnetic to prospective clients. It’s about creating limitless abundance. It's about feeling free. And it’s about creating & living a life that is so utterly magical, you have to pinch yourself. 

When you join you’ll:

  • Learn How to Channel the Energy the Priestess -- and facilitate incredible transformative magic as a guide, teacher and coach.

  • Learn how to Thrive Financially. You'll learn the art of aligned pricing, so that rather than hustling to make ends meet, you'll eventually create financial overflow.

  • Learn The Energetic & Strategic Foundations of building an online business, including who to target and how to structure your offers, so that you know exactly what to focus on to build momentum.

  • Learn How to Stand Out on Social Media by cultivating a community of fans who are ready to buy.

  • Experience More Confidence & Self-Trust. We become who we surround ourselves with. With every interaction, you'll find yourself up-levelling, expanding and letting go of what doesn't serve you. 

"Going through the priestess programme has allowed me to quit my 9-5 job and become my own boss. I feel confident to make aligned decisions and be of service to others in the process. It’s been an incredibly empowering process. The priestess programme showed me my blindspots, where I was keeping myself small and how I could not just transform myself but help others on this journey. I have truly uncovered my inner female super powers. There’s no going back!"

Leneth Witte - founder of The Spiritual Feminist

Here are just some of the topics that we will cover:

⫸ Embodying the Priestess: When you activate the power of the priestess, you radically transform your sense of identity and your beliefs. This ensures that you show up powerfully as a leader and make business decisions that are aligned with possibility, intuition and limitlessness rather than fear. You'll be taught techniques and practices to connect deeply with her and embody her power.

⫸ The Art of Alchemy: Discover a simple and potent toolkit that will help you facilitate incredible transformation for your clients and move past your feelings of imposter syndrome.

Crafting a Programme That Sells: You'll learn how to go deeper and more authentic with your mission, identify your unfair advantages (gifts), put service at the forefront of everything you do and create a product or service that's so amazing, it practically sells itself, so that you can create consistent income from sharing your gifts. 

  Selling on Social: No-one is born knowing how to authentically sell their services on social media but it's a skill you can be taught. You'll learn how to move past the fear of judgement, write compelling and authentic content and build powerful community.

⫸Next-Level Launching: Launching is a powerful way to fill your programmes and create abundance on demand.  By creating buzz around the launching of your offer and using conscious cues to encourage people to make a decision about working with you, you can create consistent income. You'll learn simple launch strategies to bring in committed clients.

⫸Dissolving Self-Sabotage: This is where a trauma-informed approach to building a business comes in. Self-sabotage comes in all shapes and sizes, from overachieving to shrinking and staying small - both can be detrimental to the success of your business and quality of life.  Building a business will always bring up your unresolved trauma which is an amazing thing because as it comes up, you get to heal it. You'll be given powerful techniques for spotting and releasing self-sabotaging behaviour.

Implementing a Feminine-Inspired Business System: You're not meant to operate linearly. Nor is your business. By running your business cyclically, you use the feminine energy of creation to build momentum and flow in your business. You'll learn which kinds of business activities are best for certain phases of the menstrual or lunar cycle. This helps you to cultivate and act upon your feminine intuition, so that you experience more flow and momentum in your business & life.

So how is this programme different than the millions of other business programmes out there?

  • I don't give you cookie cutter strategies. There are a gazillion ways to build a business, and they all work, but ONLY if they're in alignment with you and how YOU operate. This programme gives you a vast toolkit and helps you explore and identify the best strategies that will work for you.
  • I take a trauma-informed approach. Building a business is gonna bring up your shit. This is a great thing because you can heal it. So you'll learn how to spot and deal with self-sabotage right from the get go so you won't spin your wheels.
  • I'm not a business coach who's only ever had financial success from coaching entrepreneurs. Oh hell no. I was a full-time women's yoga teacher for many years. I also ran a successful business selling handmade bespoke jewellery. And, I have built a significant portion of my online coaching business from leading women’s empowerment programmes (many of the women who join aren't entrepreneurs).  So if you’re thinking the only way you can make a lot of money is to market to entrepreneurs, lets just say you’re wrong, k?

  • This is everything I've learned about a profitable business (we hit 6 figures last year, but that's not what I lead with in my marketing). This will shorten the learning curve for you big time, and when implemented, will make you a lot of money over your lifetime.

Here's what the programme includes:

7 catalysing in-depth 60-75 minute workshops streamed live over 6 weeks. You'll learn exactly what to focus on to facilitate incredible transformation, build your business confidence and make money from doing that you love.

Access to the Way of the Priestess Facebook Group, where you'll have access to all the replays and workbooks.

✔ PLUS Exciting and Exclusive Bonus Group Mentoring Experiences which will be revealed when you sign up.

"I was scared to invest but honestly, I'm so grateful I did. Working with Sarah is eye-opening, deep & transformational. Uncovering my limiting beliefs and all the resistance that were getting in my way is where the magic happened - she goes way deeper than surface level and has helped me transform my inner and outer world. It was pure magic. She is GOLD and massively over-delivers! Sarah has made a big BIG impact on my life, and how I lead and serve. I'm a completely different woman..."

Alessa Nicole - Six Figure Entrepreneur

Is this life-changing programme for you?

- You're committed to growing your business and living an aligned & abundant life.

- You desire clarity - on who you're here to serve, how to put together an incredible programme that people want to buy, & how to market yourself online without feeling salesy or spending way too much time on your phone.

- You want to break the rules and do business your own way.

- You want to move past imposter syndrome, own your magic and feel limitless.

- You want to make more money than you ever have done before.

- You want to unapologetically express yourself through your business.

"The work with Sarah has unlocked the door within me to radical self-confidence as a woman.... I can't even put into words how expansive that feels.... to finally be able to see your feminine magic and power in business instead of pushing and forcing yourself. Sarah is a true lighthouse for women in business."

Isabelle Ysebaert - founder of The Joyful Revolution

I'm Sarah.

Modern-day priestess, author & badass business woman.

A few years ago I was living a life that didn't resemble who I was on the inside but I was held back by my own feelings of inadequacy. I wanted to make a difference in the world but I didn't know how and I wasn't sure I was good enough.

One day I had enough and I made a commitment to myself -- to be more loyal to my dreams than my fears. Despite the fear, I left my life as I knew it to follow my calling. What started out as teaching yoga and meditation full time morphed into building a successful business online. Soon enough I had built a thriving business whilst truly making an impact in women's lives.

Over the past three years I’ve been teaching mission-led women how to step into their own priestesshood and create expansive businesses on their own terms. 

Your Questions Answered

How long is it? Six life-changing weeks. But you'll have a year's access to workshop replays and a lifetime to embody what you learn.

What times are the live workshops? They will usually happen at 7pm London time but if you can't make them, you will have access to the replays.

What happens if I have to miss a session? It's no issue - you'll have access to the replays. 

I'm brand new to business - is this for me? YES. By joining you'll avoid years of trying to figure it out on your own. I teach everything I wish I'd known when I started.

I've been in business for a while but I'm not making any money - will this programme help me? The Way of the Priestess is a radically different approach to business, bringing together energetics with strategy. If you've been in business a while, you already have a great foundation. This programme will share with you a few tweaks to your approach that will catapult you into expansion and growth.


Doors to The Way of the Priestess Business Catalyst will reopen in October 2021. 

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