A programme that teaches you how to be well-resourced (and have a healthier relationship with money), without falling prey to the pitfalls of toxic capitalism. 


I am so grateful to feel genuinely prosperous (& have a healthy relationship with money), but for the majority of my adulthood, that wasn't the case.

It’s hard to even think to how it used to be. 

Saying no to the things I deeply wanted to say yes to.
Choosing the cheapest thing on the menu.
Feeling contraction in my stomach whenever I thought about money.
Believing my pay check defined my worth.
Making do with the bare minimum because I didn't believe I was worth it.
Thinking that people who earned more than me were more 'successful' and therefore better than me.
In our culture, the codes of scarcity are imprinted within us before we’ve even begun to walk. We pick up from our family, society and the media that there’s not enough and that we’re not enough.
And without the right tools, guidance and practices, this is challenging conditioning to break free from, which keeps us limited in our self-expression and self-realisation. 
Fast forward just a few short years, I have a much healthier relationship with work, money and life in general.
I live a simple, wholesome life and nothing feels off-limits to me. At the same time, I don't find myself endlessly chasing money or status.
I get paid well for facilitating work I love and it's more than enough.
I used to think maybe I was just lucky. And, I am aware of my systemic privileges, but I also know things changed for me because I did a lot of inner work.
What I know now is that true prosperity isn't a destination - it's a state of being. 

This is what you'll learn to create and experience in

Prosperous AF

A series of activations to help you become resourced AF, create a healthier relationship with money and live a nourished life.

This programme is here to help you:
Decode shitty scarcity conditioning
Increase your capacity to receive without feeling guilty
Feel more worthiness, self-trust and ease
Create a sense of safety, resiliency and even joy during these ‘interesting’ times.
In this programme we go beyond surface practices of affirmations and journalling (that you've probably done, but weren't as powerful as you thought they would be). We take an embodied approach, meaning that you'll learn modalities and approaches that pave the way for deeper and longer-lasting transformation.

It's time to usher in the new paradigm of prosperity, priestess.

And it has nothing to do with overconsumption and the unnecessary accumulation of things you don't need in an attempt to fill the void you feel deep inside. No.
True prosperity is about blasting through limitations, embracing your worthiness, feeling ease, and embodying surrendered inner peace as you unapologetically share your priestess magic with the world.
  • Waking up in the morning feeling rested & nourished.
  • Having a healthier relationship with money, and feeling lighter about it.
  • Feeling deeply connected to your worth as a woman. 
  • Unhooking from toxic capitalism so that you have space for what matters in your life.

Here's what we cover in Prosperous AF 

Activation One - Decoding Scarcity. Scarcity is the biggest lie you've been told. In activation one, you'll discover how to dissolve its constricting & limiting grip. You'll also learn how to dissolve scarcity conditioning in just 5 minutes a day. Goodbye limitation. Hello liberation.
Activation Two - Portals to Prosperity. The feminine has been taught that she's unworthy. But she's built to receive! During this activation you'll uncover how to anchor in abundance by harnessing the feminine laws of nature. You'll also learn three simple practices to activate your feminine radiance so that you feel worthy and magnetic AF.
Activation Three - Mastering Money. When you master money, you master life. In this activation we go deep to heal money wounds that are blocking you from allowing it to flow. You'll discover a must-know a relieving reframe about money plus 3 daily money rituals to help you dissolve money guilt and open you up to receive, be it cash, clients, love or anything else that a goddess deserves.

Being prosperous AF means...

Saying no to feeling unworthy.

Saying no to undercharging and over-giving.

Saying no to holding yourself back.

Saying no to worrying about the future.

Saying no to feeling stressed about money.

Saying no to letting money define you as a human.

When you join, you'll receive:

  • Three deep-dive recorded 60-90 minute activations (where we go deeeeep). These are prerecorded from a live version of the programme so that you can go through at your own pace and truly integrate what you learn.
  • Simple game-changing practices so that you shift on a mental, emotional, energetic and cellular level.
  • BONUS Sacred Sales workshop. This alone will be worth the investment  - we're getting you coded and upgraded, ready to sell your services in an aligned way. 

Please note, this programme goes way deeper than affirmations and journaling. We take an embodied approach, meaning that you'll be exploring deeper and longer-lasting transformation.

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Sarah.  I created Prosperous AF because YOU deserve to feel worthy, at ease and well-resourced. Period.


"My whole world has shifted." Anna

"This is changing my life in so many ways. So eternally grateful!" Martina


Your Questions Answered:

 How long do I have access for? You will get lifetime access.
Do you offer refunds? Not for this programme.
On which platform is the course held? The masterclasses are held in an online portal for you to access whenever you desire. 
Is this just for business-owners? Not at all. Our focus in Prosperous AF is to help you expand in ALL areas of your life. If you have a business, wow - it's gonna help you feel so much more ease. And if you do desire to one day start a business, what you learn in this course will help.

A lot of abundance manifestation courses are capitalistic and exploitative in nature. Many of them cost £1000 or sometimes £2000 to join and that's just wrong - these coaches are preying on vulnerable people and then selling their 'success' back to their audience. It's unethical and gross.

I'm not here to exploit you. I'm here to help you.

You can join today for just £199.


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