A soothing & potent 4-month, soul-centred 1-1 container for business women yearning to expand and leap into their self-expression, impact and income (without the burnout).

You know that you're made for more, aren't you love?

I mean, we’re talking published books, speaking on stages & podcasts.

We’re talking sold out retreats in tropical places, filled up programmes (before you even ‘launch’) and a business that turns you on time and time again (and doesn't leave you feeling so drained).

We're talking aligned prices for your services and soul-sister clients who are ready to throw their bank details at you.

Not to mention the sacred activism and doing a heap of good for the planet.

And deep down, you know this is the kind of life you're here to live...

You’re seeking balance.





True impact.

Guess what?

You can stop taking draining clients, undercharging and over-giving.

You can stop the overthinking, the consuming obsession with making your business work (that stops you being present with the people you love), and the constant attachment to your phone. 

You get to reduce your working hours and increase your income!

You built your business to create freedom & abundance, right? It’s time to truly claim it.

The Mentorship is a sacred 1-1 container where we work closely together to bring you into alignment with your truest self & deepest desires, and break the business rules, so that your business can give you the life freedom & abundance it's supposed to.

Building a life of radical rebellion and a business that gives you true freedom & abundance isn’t a science.

It’s an art.


We’ll uncover areas of your body, mind and soul that are in deep need of nourishment, and give them exactly what they’re craving (aaaah, that’s better).

We’ll get you clear on your true message and medicine (because real authenticity and tweaked messaging is magnetic).

We'll make sure your prices are aligned and integrity with the real value of what you're offering (no more calling in clients who can't afford it or being afraid to raise your rates).

We’ll intuit and map out a soul-driven business model to get you to high-profit and low-stress.

We’ll break the rules, throwing out anything that’s not working for you, such as exhausting ‘should do’ business strategies, unhelpful beliefs and constrictive habits (because being glued to your phone is not a good look) .

We’ll build in regenerative business models & tailored strategies that allow you to weave yourself back into the Great Quantum Mystery (because your business should energise & inspire you — and then limitless abundance becomes the byproduct).

We focus on your soul evolution AND grounded business practices (because all fluff and no structure isn’t how you build a sustainable business).

This isn’t a step-by-step programme. This is a totally high-touch personalised experience.

You have magic pulsing through your veins. You get to:

  • Earn whatever the hell you want!
  • Fall deeply in love with your business (and learn that you can make money without feeling like you’re on a fucking hamster wheel).
  • Offer highly profitable and cutting-edge services and experiences that revolutionise your industry.
  • Speak on stages, launch a podcast, land yourself podcast interviews, write a book. You’re here to be waaaay more than just a business-owner. You’re here to leave your legacy.
  • Call in quality clients that feel like besties (goodbye needy clients that drain you of energy).
  • Fully embody abundance, so that money is no longer what drives you. You can use your business to contribute to causes you care about, infusing your week with sacred activism that makes a real difference.
  • Create a sustainable and regenerative business. Create structure, systems and processes that feel freeing, not tying (you don’t have to have a big team to create big income). 

What you won’t experience during our time together:

  • A business coach who's only ever had financial success from coaching entrepreneurs. Oh hell no. I was a full-time women's yoga teacher for many years (hello embodiment practices). I also ran a successful business selling handmade bespoke jewellery. And, I have built a significant portion of my online coaching business from leading women’s empowerment programmes (many of the women who join aren't entrepreneurs).  So if you’re thinking the only way you can make a lot of money is to market to entrepreneurs, lets just say you’re wrong, k?

  • BS mindset advice. Telling you to ‘let go’ isn’t going to change much for you (yawn), whereas taking you through a healing practice to get you out of your monkey mind and into the wisdom of your body will. 

  • Extreme goal setting. Oh fuck that. You want your business to be pleasurable right? A 100k year or month is useless if you’re stressed AF. We create the ease and flow, and let the unrealistic income be the byproduct.

I was you...

In the middle of 2019, I had a highly profitable business but my energy was all over the place — painful periods, total exhaustion, still feeling stressed about money (I was seriously undercharging and my income wasn't consistent), a serious social media addiction and feeling guilt about taking time off (which I rarely did). I was living in sunny Portugal but missing out on enjoying it’s bounty (wtf!).

What I didn’t realise was that...

  • I was undercharging because I was worried prospective clients would say no (but it turned out these weren't the right clients for me anyway).
  • I was operating from internalised conditioning that had led me to believe that I was only worthy if I was being productive or making profit.
  • My constant busyness (and people-pleasing) was actually a trauma-response to not feeling good enough. 
  • My business model sucked because I had crappy role models - almost every coach I hired was overworking too!
  • There's a difference between marketing activities and marketing strategy. I was building my audience but didn't really know how to convert them into clients consistently - the clients I did sign up felt like luck.

 It all changed when I implemented a smart business model, began to work in-tune with the regenerative currents of Gaia (nature), and as a consequence redesigned my business to fit in with my life (not the other way around). 

Now my weeks look very different.

Most weeks I ‘work’ a three-day work week, but even these days are spacious with plenty of time for yoga when it feels good, nature walks with my dog Manny, kisses with my love Mauro, and my journaling practice.

The rest of the time it’s life-affirming client calls, sending payment links to women who want to join my programmes, podcast interviews, writing magnetic content, teaching group masterclasses and getting excited about my latest programme. 

My business is more profitable than ever (we doubled our revenue last year), and my only team member, Abi (who’s also my bestie) supports me with podcast publication and the administration of all my group programmes.

I had so much space last year, I even wrote my debut book (which was SUCH  a juicy process).

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Marijke let go of what she was 'supposed' to do and created a sold-out high-ticket programme that finally felt like her soul's calling.

"In the early stages of my coaching & healing business I found myself lost in the voices of the outside worldI allowed them to rock me of center, doubt myself and wonder what I was SUPPOSED be doing, rather than listening to the sound of my SOUL. Sarah will enable you to powerfully tune in to….YOU. She will guide you out of your head, into your heart - into the space of what you’re meant to create. The thing that will set your soul on fire. And she will show you exactly how to bring it into the world, with ease & flow. Investing in mentorship with Sarah was the best business decision I've made by FAR."

Marijke de Jong, Life Coach, Healer & Founder of The Awakened Woman

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Laura learned how to move past patterns of pushing and overworking, to experience more flow and embodied freedom. 

"Sarah is a true embodiment of feminine leadership and working one-on-one with her has been profoundly transformative. I was very stuck in debilitating fear and trauma patterns when we first met and I knew I needed to dig deep and start investing in myself. Sarah’s words and divine energy resonated so deeply, I just couldn’t ignore my body’s “YES" to this work and the shifts were instantaneous! The sacred container Sarah created served as a powerful mirror which allowed all parts of me to be seen and heard with so much love and compassion. She took me on a deep inward journey to my inner-Priestess, consistently reflecting truth back to me so that I could begin to disentangle myself from my conditioning and unapologetically step into my power and purpose. It felt like pure alchemy and a long-overdue reclamation of self. My body, mind, heart and soul now feel so much more aligned and alive and I’m open to receiving abundance with ease and flow. Long gone are the days of pushing and forcing!"

Dr. Laura de Pian, Embodiment Facilitator & Founder of The Feminine Revival

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Bekah moved past imposter syndrome and filled her first group coaching programme with ease.

"Sarah has an amazing ability to guide using intuition and wisdom, and trusts in your own wisdom for your own path; which makes for some powerful expansion and growth!  It has been an experience that has a hard-to-put-my-finger-on quality to it, because really, this experience has been pure magic!"

Dr. Bekah Shallcross, Clinical Therapist and Founder of The Feminist Therapist Centre

Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah. 

Author, Sacred Activist & Business Mentor for Magical Women.

I help women embody true abundance and live their magic, not their conditioning. Feminine flow, ease, true abundance and bringing real medicine to the world? I'm all about it.


If you've read this far and you're feeling full body expansion and excitement, get ready to discover another way to do life and business -- YOUR way. The next step is to follow your excitement and take aligned action by filling out the application form. 

I will personally read your application and if I feel a fuck yes too, I'll reach out to arrange an exploration call (during which we explore if The Mentorship truly is the right fit for you).