A 12 month membership for women ready to step into their feminine sovereignty, claim ease, and lead themselves into wholeness, whilst also contributing to the regeneration of Mother Earth.


“It's time to lead ourselves into liberation."

- Dr Sarah Coxon

You're not here to live your life as if you were on a treadmill.

The patriarchal 'dominator' culture, that you've grown up in, underpinned by the wounded masculine, has taught you to 'do, achieve, hustle, and exploit' - but it's crushing your soul, isn't it?

The scarcity. The self-doubt. The burnout. The disconnection. The dissatisfaction. The grief for the planet that's being destroyed by people who don't seem to give a fuck about anything other than profit.

It's not just you - we're all feeling it. 

I did too.

A few years ago, as an act of rebellion, I sought to reject the conditioning of patriarchal culture, by:

- Reclaiming and mastering feminine energetics

- Practicing the art of cyclical regenerative living

- Cultivating a deeper connection with Nature.

- Being an advocate for Mother Nature and giving back.

Soon, I discovered deep wholeness, and with it, an untapped resource of infinite potential. 

More ease. More fulfilment  More expansion. More energy. More connection. More contribution. More FREEDOM.

My connection to my true self deepened.

My relationships became more harmonious.

I felt far more connected to Mother Earth.

My business exploded.

But I worked way less.

And the work I was facilitating doubled in it's potency.

I want this for you.

Which is why I've created Thrive, a membership and sacred sisterhood of women who're dedicated to the reclamation of the feminine and harmonious regenerative living.

When powerful women come together to honour their collective magic, the feminine is reclaimed.

Thrive is series of monthly masterclasses and a community of incredible of women, just like you, coming together to master feminine energetics and art of cyclical regenerative living, and give back to Mother Earth.

This sacred container is about embodying ease. 

It’s about reclaiming your feminine sovereignty.

It’s about reconnecting with universal magic and connecting with the energetic waves of Mother Gaia, to experience deep expansion and inner harmony. 

All women deserve a sacred sisterhood, where they are supported, guided and lifted into greater expansion.

When the outside world starts convincing you that you need to hustle and force, and there’s not enough and you’re not enough, our container of sisterhood will continue to remind you who the fuck you are and what you’re here for.

Powerful priestesses never settle. 

Is this you?

You’re a creative, coach, yogi, healer, artist, or personal-development junkie, and you recognise the priestess in you. You know you’re here to live a life of radical rebellion by living your dharma, sharing your magic and cultivating your feminine powers. 

When it comes to the habit of playing small, you’re ready to quit.

You’re done with playing by society’s rules and you’re here for personal revolution and the reclamation of your sovereignty.

You’ve decided to unsubscribe from the ‘shoulds’, supposed to’s, hustle and grind, and step into expansive feminine leadership, by first leading yourself.

‘Weaving yourself back into the Great Mystery’ sounds like heaven to you - you want to honour your magic and go deeper into communion with Mother Earth.

You recognise yourself a stewardess of our Great Mother, and you deeply long to play your part, and step into your leadership

You know that cookie-cutter approaches to ‘success’ don’t apply to a magical goddess like you - you’re here to live life on your terms and create magic YOUR way.

You deeply want to help our struggling planet and give back in any way that you can.

The secret to real feminine freedom and soul-aligned success beyond what you’ve been taught is possible?

It’s written in the cycles of Nature.

The most wildly magical things happen for women when:

1. We connect to the laws of Mother Nature

2. We place ourselves in the energy of inspiring women

3. We reclaim our feminine sovereignty

4. We consciously give back to our Great Mother



There's also a BONUS women's circle call or Q&A every month, allowing you to align, practice your magic, bathe in potent sisterhood and experience the support that you desire & deserve.

When you join, you'll receive:

  • One monthly live masterclass (where we go deeeeep) - and you can access the replay if you can't make it live!

  • Simple game-changing practices that you can explore throughout the month. 

  • Access to our Thrive community facebook group where you can receive ongoing accountability, friendship and support from incredible women like you.

  • PLUS A BONUS Monthly Women's Circle or Q&A (to energetically transform your reality and feel supported in sisterhood)


You'll be carbon positive for each month that you're a member of Thrive.

On your behalf, through collaboration with our partners, at least one tonne of carbon will be sequestered from or prevented from entering the atmosphere. That's almost 12 tonnes a year.

What you can expect when you join...

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Sarah and I created Thrive because I believe that when smart, compassionate and conscientious women such as yourself align themselves with their feminine nature and learn how to lead themselves, the whole world wins.

We’re not meant to stay small.

We’re not meant to burn ourselves into the ground.

We’re not meant to do and say what everyone else is.

We’re meant to live a life of delicious rebellion against a system that doesn’t love us, and in turn leave our legacy for the next generation of daughters.

If you’re craving expansion, community, inspiration, and guidance, Thrive is the next step for you.

"The great miracles of our lives happen when we live in alignment with the way we are designed — this means taking the path of least resistance and aligning ourselves with the feminine."

- Dr Sarah Coxon

"So much has shifted especially in my mindset. I'm also so grateful for the community and support of all the other amazing women." Nôva

"My whole world has shifted." Anna

"This is changing my life in so many ways. So eternally grateful!" Martina

"Sarah, you are pure magic! The community is so supportive - it's pure medicine!" Julia

Your Questions Answered:

How long is it? This is an ongoing community membership. Initially, you'll sign up for 12 months (because commitment is what creates magic). Then after that, you can choose to leave or carry on for as long as you desire (which could just be forever!!). 

Can I cancel my membership? After 12 months, depending on which option you choose, yes. If you choose to stay, your fee will stay at the original price you pay and never go up.

Do you offer refunds? I trust you to trust your decision to join. But if you show up for 12 months of masterclasses, do all the practices and nothing shifts for you (which ain't gonna happen), sure, you can have a refund.

On which platform are events held? The masterclasses and bonus circles/ Q&As are Facebook Lives, held in our nurturing group container.

What times are the live events? They will usually happen at 7pm London time on a Wednesday but if you can't make them, you will have 21 days to watch the replays at a time that suits you . 

Where does my money go? 20% of your monthly fee will go to help fund our partners; TreeSisters, Pachamama Alliance, Ecologi & Lend with Care -- social enterprises that work to empower women economically, sequester carbon from the atmosphere and restore biodiversity. You'll be carbon positive for each month that you're a member.

Is this just for business-owners? Not at all. Our focus in Thrive is mastering feminine leadership and living regeneratively, which will help you expand in ALL areas of your life. If you have a business, wow - it's gonna up-level you. And if you do desire to one day start a business, you'll be powerfully prepared for it.

Doors are currently closed until September.

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