Learn how to create, deliver, market and sell a premium offer that changes lives.

(Ethical social media marketing mastery for conscious coaches, healers, guides and facilitators )

You’ve been listening to the call.  Learning. Exploring. Educating yourself. Getting training. Embodying.

And now you feel finally ready...

Ready to build your business and learn how to create, deliver a premium offer and market and sell it using social media.

This is it.

Your dharma.

Your truth.

Your way of making a contribution.

You've done a lot of inner work. You've learned modalities that have changed your life. You know you're here to help others do the same.

Maybe you’re still in your day job — with a resignation email sat in your drafts. You know sometime soon you want to press send.... and launch a business all of your own.

Or maybe you’ve got an online business already, and you want to learn how to make a sustainable living from doing what you love.

You might be a little unsure on exactly what you offer, let alone how to market and sell your services online.

Or perhaps you know a bit about business, but you've picked it up from free webinars and watching other women on instagram. In which case, you now want to fill the gaps and grow....


➵ Standing fully behind your work and knowing exactly what you're about and what your medicine is. 

➵ Knowing exactly what you're offering, who you're offering it to and how to talk about it in a clear way that people understand.

➵ Knowing exactly how to market your services online, without feeling sleazy or being manipulative.

➵ Working with clients in a deeper capacity. 

➵ Charging the kind of fees that sustain you financially.

Three things that all thriving coaches and healers have in common?

1. They know their medicine.

2. They know how to speak about it with clarity.

3. They use a simple marketing & sales strategy.

If you want to build your business, 'being in alignment' is great. But you also need a strategy.

Introducing The POMAAS Method: 


P. Your Priestesshood.

When you activate the power of the priestess within you, you start to gain clarity on your own unique priestess medicine. Embodying the priestess is a gateway to living your purpose.


O. Your Offer.

If you want to facilitate real transformation, you need to go deeper with your clients. When you have the right offer, and you develop your skills to deliver it safely and market it ethically, selling becomes so much easier.


M. Your Messaging.

You don't need to be posting 5 times a day on social media to gain clients. On-point messaging is the secret sauce that will have the right people interested in working with you. 


A. Your Audience.

Audience growth online is important. This is where a robust social media visibility strategy comes in.

Audience nurturing (or as I like to think of it, community) also needs to be a focus, so that you have a community that trust you, are inspired by you and are ready, in their own time and if it's right for them, to take the next step with you.

There are ethical and sustainable ways of marketing your services that are just as effective (if not more effective) than the manipulative and exhausting tactics you've probably seen online.  This programme teaches you practices that leave you running a business you feel really good about.


A. Your Alignment.

Epic results happen when your business model and marketing strategy are in coherence with who you are and how YOU function best. Cookie-cutter tactics don’t work. But simple strategy that’s tailored to work with your inner nature? Now that’s magic.

True alignment is also about going beyond running a 'sustainable' biz. Businesses that change the world are REGENERATIVE, for ourselves, our clients, our communities and the planet.


S. Your Relationship to Sales.

Yup, I know that word may still feel icky. But you have to move into an empowered relationship with sales in order to get really good at it. Embodying simple and ethical and consensual selling processes will bring in aligned clients time and time again, and you’ll stop worrying that people won't want to pay your prices.

This is what you learn in:

The Awaken to Freedom

Business School for Priestesses.

A self-paced programme for healers, coaches, guides and facilitators, dedicated to learning how to attract clients  and sell their services in a simpleethical and sustainable way



You'll learn:

➸ How to avoid imbalanced power dynamics and empower your clients to get the best results for themselves.

➸ How to attract premium clients who are pro-investment and take full responsibility. 

➸ How to ensure your prices are fair for all. 

➸ How to ensure that sales feel coherent, ethical and empowering to all involved.

➸ How to create content that speaks to people and leads to sign ups.

➸ Regenerative ways of doing business and how to make your biz a force for personal, social and ecological healing.

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Leneth quit her job and became her own boss.

"Going through this programme has allowed me to quit my 9-5 job and become my own boss. I feel confident to make aligned decisions and be of service to others in the process. It’s been an incredibly empowering process. The programme showed me my blindspots, where I was keeping myself small and how I could not just transform myself but help others on this journey. I have truly uncovered my inner female super powers. There’s no going back!"

Leneth Witte - founder of The Spiritual Feminist

Please note that Leneth was able to create these kinds of results because she was tenacious, patient, and committed. She had already launched a podcast. These results took her around 6 months and she worked with me privately.

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Alessa got clear on her mission and quickly grew her business to full time income.

"I was scared to invest but honestly, I'm so grateful I did. Working with Sarah is eye-opening, deep & transformational. Uncovering my limiting beliefs and all the resistance that were getting in my way is where the magic happened - she goes way deeper than surface level and has helped me transform my inner and outer world. It was pure magic. She is GOLD and massively over-delivers! Sarah has made a big BIG impact on my life, and how I lead and serve. I'm a completely different woman..."

Alessa Nicole - Business Coach

Please note that Alessa was able to create these kinds of results because she worked on her business religiously and was committed. These results took her around 12 months and she worked with me privately

The Awaken to Freedom Business School for Priestesses includes everything you need to lay strong business foundations, and it's immediately available to you the second you jump in: 

➸ 20+ easy to digest video trainings grouped into a cohesive and core curriculum. Total of 15 hours+ training.

➸ 20+ training summaries and worksheets to help you grasp the material and apply it to your own business for maximum clarity.

➸ Surprise bonus trainings.

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Elly got clear on who she was talking to and signed up three premium clients before she'd even officially launched her offer.
 "The amount of clarity I felt was like a weight had finally been lifted off my shoulders. Within a month I had more than doubled my investment back in new clients (before even launching my offering), so I am so glad I trusted the little nudge that told me to work with her!
I am still seeing the ripple effects of our work together - I know exactly what I am here to do and who I am here to work with, I feel confident speaking to them, and I have finally given myself permission to own all of my magic."

Eleanor Danks - Somatic Coach

Please note that Elly was able to create these kinds of results because she had a strong foundation already - she had confidence in her work and a social media following of around 1000. These results took her around 2 month and she worked with me privately. 

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Marijke let go of what she was 'supposed' to do and created a sold-out premium programme that finally felt like her soul's calling.
"In the early stages of my coaching & healing business I found myself lost in the voices of the outside world. I allowed them to rock me of center, doubt myself and wonder what I was SUPPOSED be doing, rather than listening to the sound of my SOUL. Sarah will enable you to powerfully tune in to….YOU. She will guide you out of your head, into your heart - into the space of what you’re meant to create. The thing that will set your soul on fire. And she will show you exactly how to bring it into the world, with ease & flow. Investing in mentorship with Sarah was the best business decision I've made by FAR."
Marijke de Jong, Life Coach, Healer & Founder of The Awakened Woman

Please note that Marijke was able to create these kinds of results because she was curious and committed. She had also worked with several clients before, so was confident in her work. These results took her around 6 months. She worked with me privately.

The ATF Approach

Awaken to Freedom isn’t a generic ‘market your online business course.’ 

This is a carefully crafted laser-focussed curriculum. It's all designed to teach you what you need to know so that you can master the art of creating, delivering and selling  a premium offer in your own way.

You are an individual and there’s no standardised one-size-fits-all approach. But there is YOUR way. This programme gives in-depth guidance to support you on that journey, helping you fill the gaps and understand exactly what kinds of things to focus on moving forward.

As well as marketing, there's emphasis on cultivating your space holding skills and leadership skills.

This programme encourages ethical business practices, to ensure that your business does the good in the world you want it to.

And finally, this programme takes a  regenerative approach to business, meaning that if it has the potential to burn you out or harm other people, it doesn't belong in your business.



Hi, I'm Sarah.

An archaeologist turned author, seasoned yoga teacher, trauma-trained somatic practitioner, business coach and creator of Regenerative Alchemy

"Back in 2015, I left the stuffy constraints of academia to go on a quest to do something that felt more like me.

What started out as teaching yoga and meditation full time morphed into professional space-holding. I've now been facilitating deep inner alchemy for over 6 years. I've worked with over 500 clients now, in various capacities, and know a thing or two about building a business using social media.

Let me share with you what I've learned along the way."

Ready to fill in the gaps and build your business to new heights?


➸ 20+ easy to digest video trainings grouped into a cohesive and core curriculum. Total of 15 hours+ training.

➸ 20+ training summaries and worksheets to help you grasp the material and apply it to your own business for maximum clarity.

➸ Surprise bonus trainings.

Was £2200.

Now £1250



Your Questions Answered

How long do I have access? You'll have access to the material in the training portal for 9 months, but you can download all videos and workbooks onto your computer and keep them forever. 

Are there live group calls? No there are not. This is now a self-paced educational course.

I'm brand new to business - is this for me? Yes!

I've been in business for a while but I'm still not yet making full time income from my business - will this programme help me? Awaken to Freedom is a full yet digestible programme that is designed to help you identify and iron out any kinks you're experiencing. This programme shares with you easy tweaks to your approach to get the ball rolling for you.

How is Awaken to Freedom different to other programmes? There of course may be some overlap with over programmes you've done, but this programme is different because it teaches ethical marketing practices (as outlined by the International Chamber of Commerce Academy). There's also a focus on client delivery and experience, not just marketing. Overall, its an incredibly well-rounded programme, and I'm incredibly proud of it. I think you'll find if refreshingly different from other marketing courses you've taken.

I saw you offer this as a group programme with live group and 1:1 mentoring. Why is it now a self-paced course? Yes, this used to be a group programme, and I ran it for well over a year, at an investment of around £2200. I stopped offering ATF as a live programme because I shifted my business model to offer private work and train coaches in somatic work. However, I want the ATF curriculum to be available to people at a more accessible price-point. This serves me, because a lot of work went into the curriculum and it makes sense to still use it as a business asset. And it's really good material, at a very fair price - so making this available to buy as a self-paced course is good for you too!

Do you offer refunds? Do to the on-demand nature of the programme, no refunds are given, so please purchase responsibly. If you have any questions about the material before purchasing, email: [email protected]