Regenerative Alchemy™

4 Month Foundation Somatic Coach Training (& Certificate) 

Begins 30th September 2024 

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Nervous system body-led (& nature-inspired) coaching goes deeper than mindset work.

And if you want to build your confidence and self-trust as a practitioner, and become an excellent facilitator of healing and intentional change, taking a somatic-based approach is a potent path forward.

Somatics and ´trauma-informed´ have become buzzwords in the coaching world.

And with good reason. In my experience (and I've been around the block), being able to work somatically with a client´s nervous system paves the way for profound healing and transformation.

This way of working touches what focussing on mindset alone often cannot. When facilitated well, nervous system-based approaches to healing and transformation are perhaps some of the most effective approaches out there.

Yet not all somatic approaches are built alike.

Dishing out one-size-fitsall bio-hacks, yoga practices and breathwork techniques, instead of helping, can be ineffective at best, and make things worse at worst.

In order to be effective facilitators, we need to take an approach that meets our clients´ nervous systems where they are at, gently help them shift out of default patterns and into new empowering ways of being. 

When we work in this way, we are far better equipped to help our clients shift the stubborn default behavioural patterns that are keeping them stuck, so that they can find deeper healing, growth, purpose and resilience.

If you want to learn how to facilitate this kind of magic, this is where the Regenerative Alchemy™ Somatic Coach Training (& Certificate) comes in.

This is a paradigm-shifting foundation somatic nervous system-led (& nature-inspired) professional training and embodiment programme for therapists, coaches, facilitators, practitioners and healers who want to learn how to facilitate safer, simple & deeply effective personal and collective transformation in these globally challenging times (without having to do hundreds of hours in lengthy in-person trainings).

Learn how to deepen the art of helping your clients turn pain and challenge into healing, growth, purpose and resilience.

Many of my students come to this training saying "I want to learn how to work with clients in a way that has them raving about it. "

Done deal.

This 4 month professional training will help you learn how to work with a client’s nervous system (rather than against it) and work through unresolved experiences (sometimes referred to as trauma) as it makes itself known, so that you can:

  • Facilitate - holy shit, what is this magic - sorcery in each and every session.

  • Feel proud as you watch your clients radically transform and gush about you to everyone who will listen.

  • Attract clients who will happily pay top price, because duh, you're the best at what you do. 

I don't care what anyone says. You don't need to go back to school and retrain for years as a psychologist to be able to effectively and safely help your clients shift default nervous system responses and adaptive behavioural strategies that are keeping them stuck in a cycle of pain and challenge. You just need to learn and get good at a few key skills and stick to your scope of practice.

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I think it's fair to say that our globalised culture and world systems are dysfunctional as hell, and as a result people are suffering.

And you are here to play a vital role in the reclamation of humanity and the healing of our planet.

But in order to help the people who work with you experience deep, long-lasting and meaningful change, you need to learn and integrate the core skills that pave the way for the most effective transformation.

Regenerative Alchemy™ is my personal contribution, a labour of devotion and an approach that has emerged from my experience of now having worked with hundreds of people over thousands of hours.

Regenerative Alchemy™ is a paradigm shifting body-led (& nature-inspired) somatic style of coaching & space-holding that will help your clients radically transform pain and challenge into healing, growth, purpose and greater resilience.

"The Regeneratice Alchemy training has been a game changing experience. Not only have I developed more self-trust but I am also more in love with life and coaching than ever before. Sarah is such a wonderful facilitator and this training is unlike others. I am now spending more time in the body, with very positive feedback from clients."
Nina Pattani

Is this you?

  • You want to facilitate - holy shit, what magic was that- transformation for your clients.
  • You want clients who will happily pay top price to work with you, because you're the best at what you do.
  • You want to learn how to better work with a client’s nervous system, and ensure you're not working against it.
  • You want to learn safer, simple, cutting-edge & effective ways of helping clients navigate pain, stress, challenge and shift default adaptive behaviour strategies (sometimes referred to as ´little t´ trauma), without going back to school. 
  • You want to build your confidence and self-trust as a facilitator.
  • You´re committed to helping your clients truly heal and thrive.
  • You wish to learn how to do so in an intimate environment that prioritises helping you fully integrate the foundations of a key set of effective skills rather than bombarding you with lots of complicated and unnecessary information. 

If you want to build your confidence and self-trust as a facilitator, deepen your craft and learn how to facilitate safer, simple & deeply effective personal and collective transformation in these globally challenging times (without joining demanding & time consuming trainings that overwhelm you), the Regenerative Alchemy™ Somatic Coach Training (& Certificate) is for you.

This 5 month professional live training weaves together the following strands:

Background & Theory 

Skills & Application



Being well-versed in esoteric philosophy and the latest scientific research will build your confidence and knowledge.

You're gonna learn:

  • Nervous System Foundations

  • Trauma-Informed and Resilience-Informed Frameworks of Practice

  • Systemic & Cultural Contexts of Pain,  Challenge & Suffering

  • The Theory & Philosophy of Regenerative Alchemy

  • The Regenerative Alchemy Blueprints

  • Plant Allies for the Nervous System

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Theory is great, but gotta learn how to apply it in real life situations with clients. No more second guessing yourself in sessions. You´ll be supported in learning foundational somatic skills and how to use them, so that you can feel more confident and ready for whatever comes up in your client sessions. 

You´ll learn nervous system resolution & embodiment tools such as:

  • Somatic Imprints Work

  • Active Felt-Sense Imagination

  • Medicinal Movement 

  • Ancestral Connection

  • Nature Connection

You will also learn:

  • The Anatomy of a Powerful Session

  • How to Design a Transformative Programme

You'll also learn how to market & sell your services, including:

  • How to Market Somatic Work (Learn exactly how to fill your schedule with well paying clients)

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It's not just what we do with our clients that facilitates deep change, it's how regulated and stable we are in our own systems.

This is why your own embodiment is key, which is why this training is highly experiential, encouraging you to tap into your unique inner witchy priestess medicine.

And although it's not a substitute for your own inner work, you'll emerge the other side of this training transformed too. 

Because great facilitation isn't about what you do. It's about who you're being when you do it.

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"Sarah imparts her knowledge and experience with a passion for what this work can do, which in turn has created a passion in me to bring it to as many people as possible. I’ve already noticed a shift in the healing sessions I have with people, the depths we are able to reach and the effect it has on them afterwards. Regenerative Alchemy is wonderfully simple to work with and profound in its results."
Awen Clement

Praise for Sarah and the Regenerative Alchemy approach:


"Sarah has an amazing ability to guide using intuition and wisdom, and trusts in your own wisdom for your own path; which makes for some powerful expansion and growth!  It has been an experience that has a hard-to-put-my-finger-on quality to it, because really, this experience has been pure magic!" Bekah, UK

"Sarah is a true embodiment of feminine leadership and working one-on-one with her has been profoundly transformative." Laura, UK

"Sarah holds incredibly safe and comfortable space and has a genuine way about her that allowed me to open up and get honest with myself. The embodiment practices have been game changing for me. They really are magical. I'm so grateful." Nina, UK

If you know deep down that you're a priestess, a witch, a sacred activist and a rebel in the world who's here to contribute to the liberation of people and the healing of our planet...
If you value depth over distance...
If you cherish slow living, regeneration, authenticity, innovation....
If you believe in justice, freedom and devotion...
If you're a rule breaker but you also believe in accountability and doing things to the best of your ability...
If you want to dive deeper into the world of somatics and what's commonly called ´trauma-resolution´...
And if you love my vibe, what I'm about and what I stand for...
Then you'll thrive in the Regenerative Alchemy™ Coach Training (& Certificate).
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Praise for Sarah and the Regenerative Alchemy approach:


 "You're a great coach. It's been a privilege to work with you." Tonya, USA

"I can't believe how much I've grown and how much more confident I feel. Thanks Sarah." Terri, Australia.

"Containers with you are always so potent. I know I'll always keep coming back." Marissa, USA

"Our sessions have been profound. So much of what has changed this year and how I now handle hard things is down to the nervous system work we've done together." Awen, UK

We begin 30th September 2024

The 4 month live training at a glance:
Comprises of:
  • One live welcome and orientation session.
  • Ten 2-hour live trainings, usually hosted on Wednesdays at 6pm GMT. The replays will be available to those who can't attend live.
  • Four 90-minute live demonstration, Q&A and skill practicing sessions, usually hosted on Wednesdays at 6pm GMT. The replays will be available to those who can't attend live.
  • Two case study supervisions sessions, where you'll receive feedback and suggestions for your own clients. 
  • Access to a private channel to ask questions and gain feedback.
  • An optional assessment and certification at the end of the training.

Praise for Sarah and the Regenerative Alchemy approach:


"I decided to work with Sarah for the second time in three years. Sarah holds space like no other - she makes you feel seen and heard. It was a wildly expansive experience." Leneth, Netherlands

"I really can't thank you enough. Working with you has changed my life and given me wings." Claudia, Portugal

"You're honestly the best coach I've ever worked with and you've inspired how I now hold space for my own clients. I'm so grateful that our paths crossed." Melissa, USA


"This whole experience has become a giant permission slip for me to be even more myself, in my life and in my work. Going away from dogma, expanding into my embodiment. I notice a boost in self-confidence in how I carry myself through life and how I am present with my clients. So for me, the Regenerative Alchemy Training was way more than "just another professional training." Yes, there was a lot of information to feed the analytical mind and it's a vibe. So instead of just learning stuff about somatics, you uplevel to the next evolution of your human experience. I also love how Sarah conveys intricate concepts in a way that just makes sense and you can immediately feel it in your tissue and bones."
Katja Markelova

I know my sh*t.

Hey! I'm Dr. Sarah Coxon. 

I'm an archaeologist turned author, seasoned yoga teacher, nervous system-trained somatic practitioner, somatic coach and creator of Regenerative Alchemy™, a paradigm shifting body-led (& nature-inspired) style of coaching & space-holding that helps radically transform pain and challenge into healing, growth, purpose and greater resilience.

Back in 2015, I left the stuffy constraints of academia to go on a quest to do something that felt more like me.

What started out as teaching yoga and meditation full time morphed into professional space-holding. I've now been training in and facilitating deep inner alchemy for nearly 8 years, and have over 5500+ hours of space-holding / coaching experience, having worked with hundreds of people. 

Regenerative Alchemy is an approach influenced the following teachers: Steve Harrison, Staci Haines, Looby MacNamara, Rosemary Gladstar, Joanna Macy, Kimberly Ann Johnson, Peter Levine, Richard Schwartz, Rachael Maddox and countless others.

You may also like to know that in addition to thousands of hours of space-holding experience, I´m also trained and certified in Permaculture (Regenerative) DesignSomatic Trauma Therapy and am in ongoing mentorship and continuing education.

Please note, I'm not a licensed therapist (for many reasons, most of them typically aquarian haha), but I have trained hard to become the experienced practitioner that I am today. I teach simple and effective approaches that work.

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Your Questions Answered

When does the next cohort start? 30th September 2024.

When are the live trainings?

Wednesdays at 6pm London time. Replays are available.

How much of my time does the course require? Around 10-12 hours a month. 

What's the fee? The fee is £2350. Interest-free payment plans are also available.

Is it just for coaches? Nope. We've had coaches, healers, psychologists, therapists and counsellors go through the training.

I'm brand new to space-holding - is this for me? Yes! This is a complete foundational training that will help you build on skills you already have and give you a complete somatic framework for working with clients effectively. The Regenerative Alchemy™ training is a distilled and complete framework, which doesn't just teach you the theory, but also teaches you how to integrate it in your client work. 

How many people will I be training with? There will be 12 - 14 students. I keep the training small and intimate because that's where the magic is.

I'm not technically a coach, but I work with people. Is this for me? Although the course is geared towards professional coaches and therapists, the frameworks are applicable for all lines of work - anywhere you work with people or are in a role of leadership. 

How is the Regenerative Alchemy training different from other somatic trainings? Although there is some overlap with approaches such as Somatic Experiencing and IFS, Regenerative Alchemy takes an animist lens, meaning that the training encourages you to cultivate what I like to call ´witchy medicine´ and work not just with the physical body, but with spirits, celestial beings, ancestors, archetypal energies and plant allies. You definitely wouldn't be encouraged to do this in traditional life coaching certifications or traditional therapy training, but that's part of the Regenerative Alchemy™ magic.

Do I have to show up live to the trainings? It's encouraged that you do, but sometimes life happens or you're in a timezone that doesn't work, so there will be replays made available for you.

What does certification mean? Certification is optional (and the fee is 275 GBP). During the certification process, you'll be required to submit a short essay and a 60 minute coaching segment, and you'll get direct and encouraging feedback from me. You'll then receive your certification, meaning you can officially call yourself a Regenerative Alchemy™  practitioner and you'll be featured on the practitioner directory on my website for 6 months. Please note that Regenerative Alchemy™ is not a regulating body, nor is it affiliated with a board.

Will I be qualified to ´treat trauma´ afterwards? Healing is the meeting of old stuff with new conditions. Regenerative Alchemy™ teaches you how to do this with clients who have default nervous system patterns and adaptive behavioural strategies arising from unprocessed ´stuff´ in their bodies, also commonly called ´little t´ trauma. Things like complex trauma and PTSD are however technically beyond the scope of practice of the Regenerative Alchemy training. 

English isn't my first language. Will I manage? If you can understand this website page, you'll be fine. Plus during live trainings you'll be given written field notes, and written transcripts of all trainings.

What's your refund policy? You are entitled to a partial refund (60% of the total fee) within the first 21 days of the training. After this time period, there are no refunds but if life happens (because sometimes it does) you can choose to defer and join the 2025 cohort, should you wish. If you have any questions about the training before applying, email: [email protected]om.

Do you offer scholarships? There are currently no scholarships or bursaries being offered. If you're keen to join and a longer-term payment plan (up to 18 months) would make it more doable for you, there may be some wiggle room (depending on my financial capacity). Apply to join us and indicate that you'd like to be considered for an extended payment plan, and I´ll see what I can do.