I'm an archaeologist turned author, yoga teacher, seasoned space-holder, trauma-trained somatics teacher, business coach and creator of Regenerative Alchemy™, a revolutionary body-based style of coaching that helps radically transform pain and challenge into healing, growth, purpose and greater resilience.

I help wild witchy space-holders break through their inner blocks, deepen their medicine, and expand into their next level of business growth, whether that's signing clients consistently, exceeding their launch goals, writing a bestseller or hitting their next big financial milestone. I also run an intimate coach training & certification programme.

My Story (In a Nutshell): 

Back in 2015, I left the stuffy constraints of academia to go on a quest to do something that felt more like me.

What started out as teaching yoga and meditation full time morphed into professional space-holding. I've now been facilitating deep inner alchemy for nearly 5 years.

My own personal journey has been about healing my relationship to work, from overwhelm, fear and self-doubt, to healing, purpose, growth and greater resilience.

My Clients:

My clients are high-achievers who feel stretched thin, blocked from their authentic medicine, still doubt themselves, and are in need of nourishment, witnessing and care.

Our work together usually centres on unhooking them from the internalised patriarchal, colonial and toxic capitalist conditioning that has led them to neglect their needs, overshoot their boundaries, and hide their deepest and truest brilliance. 

We create deep, sustainable and long-lasting change (Regenerative Alchemy) though:

1. Befriending the Nervous System

2. Processing Unresolved Wounding (Trauma) 

3. Aligning to Natural Cycles & Rhythms

4. Connecting To and Embodying Their Unique Medicine 

 As a result, my clients experience things such as:

  • An increased capacity to receive.
  • Feeling calmer and more relaxed.
  • Feeling more joy, nourishing richness, and flow.
  • Being more present with the ones you love.
  • Feeling more full and satisfied.
  • Unleashed creativity, deepened magic 
  • Deep clarity and trust in the next chapter.
  • A cleaned up relationship with money so that it feels healthy, light and expansive
  • Deep inner safety and embodied purpose
  • More magnetism to replenishing resources and magical opportunities 

Experience, Teachers and Lineages:

My work is a culmination of  18 years of learning, training and development.

My work is heavily influenced by the following teachers (some of who I have worked with closely, and others I have only 'met' through their books and online training programmes):

  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy (ISSTT). Certified.
  • Rachael Maddox - ReBloom Trauma Resolution. 1:1 Mentorship & Foundations Training.
  • Internal Family Systems and Parts Work. Integrative Somatic Parts Work Certified.
  • Steve Harrison - The Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton UK. 200 Hour YTT Certified.
  • Natalie Brite - Ethical Marketing and Sustainable Business. 1:1 Mentorship.
  • Peter Levine - Somatic Experiencing. As part of the ISTT Certification.
  • Charles Eistenstein - Sacred Economics
  • Looby MacNamara - People and Permaculture
  • Robin Wall Kimmer - Braiding Sweetgrass
  • Trudi Lebron - Anti-Racist Business
  • Resmaa Menakem - My Grandmother's Hands


  • 3000+ hours of yoga / somatic guiding experience (over 8 years)
  • 2000+ hours of coaching experience (over 5 years)

Innate Superpowers (that can't be certified or quantified):

  • Instinctive recognition of patterns and wider implications
  • Witchy / priestess felt-sense impulses, intuitive hits and downloads from my guides
  • Deep ancestral wisdom that I'm in the process of reclaiming
  • Gifted at messaging and business strategy - I'm able to get to heart of how to speak about your work in a compelling way. I'm also good at helping people find the right business model for them.

Other Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Permaculture Design Certification (Terra Alta, Portugal)
  • PhD in Humanities (Research Topics: Creativity & Cognition. Embodied Knowledge. Gender Archaeology. Identity. Prehistoric Europe.)

Other Things About Me:

I live with my fiancé Mauro (who's Italian) and our rescue dog, Manny (Hanuman). 

Born in the UK

Heritage: English / Eastern European (my grandad was from Poland and my great grandmother was from Ukraine)

Sun Sign: Aquarius (obviously haha).

Ascendant: Virgo

Moon In: Libra

HD: Generator 1/3

Age: 35

How the Business is Run:

We are a small independent business that specialises in personal transformation and professional coaching / consulting.

We aim to offer high quality services that hold space for people to come into their own sovereign power.

We take a trauma-informed approach, meaning that we understand the role that trauma plays in society, and our coaching, marketing and selling practices are designed to minimise harm as best we can. But we don't do extreme wokeness - that shit's gone too far.

We're advocates for Mother Earth, meaning that our messaging and business practices aim to centre Her.

We have a small team, supervised by Abi Chandler from The Holistic Assistant. These team members run the day to day operations of my group programmes. 

The Financials:

20% of revenue goes straight to government taxes 

50% of the company revenue goes to Sarah's salary.

20% goes to team costs and running expenses.

5% goes into Sarah's private pension fund - an ethical pension fund that focuses on investing in regenerative social enterprises.

Up to 5% of profit is shared between our partners - Ecologi, Rainforest Trust, Treesisters, Pachamama Alliance and Lend With Care, as well as other more grassroots organisations, when the opportunity for donation arises.

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We believe that business should be a vehicle for personal, social and ecological healing. As a community, we financially support initiatives that aid marginalised people and Mother Earth. Here are our current partnerships. We donate up to 5% of our annual profits.