A 1:1 mentoring journey to help you release the past, reclaim your joy & clarify your authentic purpose.

Every woman is born to follow her unique sacred life quest.

This is your dharma -- living a life that feels joyous, connected and meaningful.

The seed of your True Self is within you - it’s the blueprint of who you’re here to be. 

But you're disconnected from it, aren't you? 

From when you were a little girl, you were taught what you should want and what you should become and how you should behave.

You did all you could to make the people you love happy. And you're grateful you did but you somehow lost yourself.

You went for the career you thought would make you happy.

But now, you're realising that you were sold a lie, believing that happiness would be at the end of your next qualification or promotion or business goal.

That day has been and gone, and you still feel it. The emptiness. The disconnection from joy. The lack of direction and true authentic purpose.

It's time to give yourself what you've never had before - a nourishing and nurturing space to heal from the past, reclaim your deepest essence, and get clarity on your most authentic purpose.

It's time to come home to who you truly are.

Dreams, Desires, Dharma is a 1:1 mentoring journey designed to powerfully help you to heal the past, find new authentic direction, and ignite your inner confidence to live it.

This programme will activate:

🜃 YOUR CONFIDENCE. You'll start to see and embrace your real beauty, skills, talent and power. 

🜃 YOUR JOY. You'll reconnect to what lights you up and makes you feel most alive.

🜃 YOUR PURPOSE. You'll connect to your sacred life mission, and gain the clarity and confidence to take the next steps, as you start a new project or pivot in your career or business.

More specifically, together we will focus on: 

  • Your Purpose. What living with purpose really is for you and how you can design your life in a way that allows you to be the fullest expression of yourself.

  • Your Authentic Self. Connect to your truest self and soul purpose. We focus on what you're really here for and dig deep to ignite your inner fire to go for it!

  • Moving Past Self-Doubt, Fear & Expectations That Have Been Put On You. How to to feel really good in your skin, know your worth and follow what lights YOU up.

  • Owning Your Magic. Get clarity on your talents, gifts and experience, and build your confidence to share them with the world.

  • Tapping into Miracles. Connect to the Great Mother and all her infinite magic. Tap into your inner witch and manifest opportunities and resources that allow you to live your highest purpose.

  • Creating Your Authentic Life Vision. Consciously and ethically design your most authentic life and cultivate daily practices so that you can live it.

  • Letting Go Of People-Pleasing. Put yourself and your desires first for a change, move past the fear of judgement and start living life for YOU.


"Embodying your purpose and living your truth is all about moving past the limitations of our toxic culture and your conditioning, and becoming the fullest-expression of your most authentic self." -- Dr. Sarah Coxon


Here are some radical truths I wish someone had told me when I was trying to find more joy, meaning & fulfilment in my life:

TRUTH BOMB ONE -- The belief that you're not good enough is a lie. Not only are you already good enough, you are worthier than you know. Its your job to dig deep to uncover this self-belief - it's the key to authentic living. 

TRUTH BOMB TWO -- You were born for a reason bigger than just climbing the corporate ladder or making a certain amount of income. Your existence is medicine for people and the planet. It's time to dissolve the layers of conditioning that are stopping you from living it.

TRUTH BOMB THREE -- Clarity comes from choosing to create it. This means listening to the signs the universe is giving you (like this one here), and leaning in. And who you surround yourself with is EVERYTHING, so if you're an environment where people don't encourage you to be 100% yourself, find yourself a group of women who WILL support you in being unapologetically yourself (hint hint -it might just be this programme).

TRUTH BOMB FOUR-- You have to commit to living a purposeful meaningful life, and go all in. But you don't have to do it alone. 

TRUTH BOMB FIVE-- Living with purpose is about being decisive & brave.  When you surround yourself with people who are also being brave with their lives, you won't help but live a life of more meaning and purpose. 


-- Dr. Sarah Coxon

What does the programme include? 


 Five fortnightly 1:1 mentoring sessions with Sarah (45 minutes).

In these sessions, you'll be guided to search even deeper inside of yourself. Each session will be different and profound, as Sarah draws upon her intuition, her decade of experience and your desires to help you release blocks and illicit your inner magic and wisdom. 

✔ Five transformative recorded workshops and guides (60-75 minutes each)

These contain a practical toolkit to help you clarify your authentic purpose and move past conditioning. These teach you incredible embodied practices and magical contemplative prompts to create deeper confidence & clarity.


  • Having clarity on your truest life vision and having the confidence and direction to follow it.

  • Feeling more at home in yourself.

  • Feeling more sure of your gifts, talents and desires, and how YOU can deeply contribute to the world, not just tick boxes.

  • Experiencing more ease, flow and joy.

  • Having a tool kit to move past self-doubt & fear when it comes up.

  • Having the courage and clarity to make the real impact you’re here to make.

"Sarah has taken a confused, frustrated and determined young woman and helped her walk forward -- pushing past her fears, sharing her truth and desires, and realising step by step, what her worth is - yeah, I'm talking about me.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Sarah has helped me break free from what's been holding me down for years. Thank you Sarah, for helping me realise that I am worth everything I hoped for, and more. I'm getting to know the real me, and I'm loving her. "

Anna East


"I can honestly say the transformation I've seen within myself is nothing short of a miracle." Kerry Hinns

"She has unlocked the door within me to radical self-confidence as a woman.... I can't even put into words how expansive that feels.... to finally be able to see your feminine magic and power instead of pushing and forcing yourself." Isabelle Ysebaert

"I've never felt so held before.... The energy of Sarah's work is so potent and magical." Marissa Mignone

"I feel for the first time in my life, all the pieces of my life are fitting in, and I'm finally living my truth and purpose in the world." Telma Gonçalves

"This has been everything I've needed in this moment of time. It's been the best investment I could give myself. All the awakening I have received feels like a rebirth... I feel I can gently peel off old beliefs that no longer serve me and dedicate myself fully to my gifts and my wild magic... I feel more empowered to rise into my authentic essence."

Georgina Foster

Hi, I'm Sarah. 

Yoga teacher, author, teacher, mentor, sacred activist, & rebel

I have a gift for helping women see their own magic. 

I created Dreams, Desires, Dharma because this is exactly what I needed 12 years ago - a loving mentor and powerful tools to help me own my power and purpose.

I'm here to lovingly guide you back to the woman who've been put on this planet to be.