Growing up, I knew plenty of successful women....

Growing up, I knew plenty of successful women, selfless women, productive women, but I never knew a woman who was at ease with herself.

I knew plenty of apologetic women, doubtful women, anxious women, but I never knew a woman who listened to her body’s needs and prioritised rest.

I knew plenty of women who were stressed out, burned out and fearful, but I never knew a woman who prioritised play, pleasure and being in nature.

I decided long ago that I wanted to become that woman. 

The kind of woman who’s attuned to the felt-sense wisdom of her body. The kind of woman that feels safe to slow down and remove herself from the treadmill of achievement.

The kind of woman who whispers to trees, knows the land intimately, lives with the seasons and makes medicine from petals, roots and leaves.

This woman is the self you have been taught to hide and hate. 

But if you’re reading this, it’s a sign from the Goddess that it’s time to reclaim her.

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