Is it really dysregulation or are you simply activated?

Feeling activated doesn’t necessarily mean that your nervous system is dysregulated.

Activation is normal and something to encourage because it’s the surge of the sympathetic branch of the nervous system that’s responsible for kick starting you into action. You need to be able to feel and follow activation in order to take the kind of action that will help you progress and grow. 

Dysregulation is different.

It happens when your body experiences a threat or perceived threat that is beyond its capacity to cope and as a result you go into anxious overdrive or shutdown (which greatly diminishes your ability to progress and grow).

It’s important that you become somatically attuned to your body so that you can differentiate between clean activation (which you´ll want to welcome in and follow) and dysregulation (which you´ll want to work with to shift). 

Remember, to get to where you want to go in life, you have to build your capacity to be activated, and also cultivate your ability to come back into regulation when you’re dysregulated.

Love Sarah x

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