Regulation isn't the be all and end all....

It feels like everyone´s talking about the power of nervous system regulation these days, and I’m not knocking it.

But I think it’s important that you know that doing practices like breathwork, tapping, meditation or yoga can definitely help you build your capacity to hold a regulated state, but if you have uncompleted cycles of fight, flight, fawn or freeze (aka unresolved trauma) you may also need space to complete them. 

This is because regulation is not resolution.

Clients come to me because no matter how much they do regulatory practices like meditation, they still struggle.

Maybe they have an unhealthy relationship with work, or they still have severe self-doubt, or they still procrastinate, or they still hide themselves and pull back from the very things they want.

At the beginning of our work together I tell them all the same thing  -  that to find freedom from their patterns, they need to understand what dysregulates them in the first place, digest unfinished stress responses in the body associated with it, and forge new ways of being that are in coherence with who they really are and what they really desire.

Together we work on regulation AND resolution, so that slowly and safely, over time, they come into greater embodiment of their own authentic nourished sovereign self-expressed power.

And when that happens, anything is possible.

Remember, learning how to regulate your nervous system is in important first step.

But the healing work doesn’t end there. You have to work through and transform your default patterns, and then you’ll be amazed at what you can experience and achieve in your life.

Love Sarah x

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