Struggle with overthinking? This is what helped me...


When I was in my twenties I was a huge over thinker. I used to tie myself up in knots worrying about what people thought of me. Maybe you can relate?

What I didn’t know back then was that excessive overthinking can be an adaptive nervous system response to a childhood where we were overly criticized or punished. 

We learned to analyze everything we did to avoid being told off and try to keep the peace as much as possible. 

We became hypervigilent, predicting all possible outcomes to try and create some level of safety. 

But the irony is that overthinking disconnects us from our intuition and the natural intelligence of life itself. 

The path to healing and freedom is to recognise that when you’re overthinking, it’s your inner child reacting out of fear. 

And when you repair these inner ruptures and teach your inner child that you are loveable and safe, you overthink way less.

Love Sarah x

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