Why there’s no such thing as a ´money mindset´...

‘There’s no such thing as a money mindset.’

This is what I shared with one of my clients last year. This particular client had no issues in making money, but struggled with holding on to it. Every month, no matter what she earned, she was at zero.

I explained further:

‘Money mindset was a concept created and pushed by prosperity gospel in order to convince people into giving over huge amounts of cash. It has since trickled into the personal development and online business industry, for pretty much the same reason.....

... I wonder if the way you’re relating to and interacting with money is more of an indicator of default nervous system responses? In your case, maybe it feels safer to spend money  on other´s needs, rather than to save money for yourself. Perhaps it feels safer to take care of others before yourself? What do you think?’

She looked at me for a while and then announced, ‘oh my God, you’re right.’

And slowly, we worked with her nervous system to help her feel safe enough to start saying no to the requests of others. A few months later she exclaimed on a call: ‘Sarah, for the first time ever I actually have savings. This is life-changing.’

Somatic work and working with the nervous system does wonders for shifting how we relate to money. It’s not a substitute for systemic change, but it is an approach that can radically help us reclaim our power. 


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