Directory of Certified Regenerative Alchemy™ Practitioners

Awen Clement

Author, Somatic Coach and Healer

Awen Clement (She/Her) is an earth centred, neurodivergent & queer priestess and healer, working with ancestral patterns, death, grief and trauma. She has been a healer for over 20 years and weaves together a variety of tools including Regenerative Alchemy into her healing practice. As a writer and teacher, Awen educates on death & funerals, earth centred spiritual practice and living and working with the moon. She is the author of Moon Wise and it’s accompanying journal. Awen is also a mama of four fabulous young ones and when she’s not working, you’re likely to find her drinking tea in her sacred shed at the bottom of her garden.


Sera Eden

Certified Coach

Sera Eden is the owner & lead coach at RitualFit Wellness, who´s on a mission is to inspire all humans to experience health, happiness & wellbeing. She does that by providing her clients with tools & practices so that everyone feels empowered to be their own healer, leader & hero. She believes everyone deserves to feel good in their own bodies & at home within themselves. Sera is certified in multiple coaching styles, combining them to create a transformational experience for her clients that is rooted in somatic therapy, manifestation & embodiment, whole-body wellbeing & is trauma-informed. She is currently offering 1:1 coaching services. All are welcome.



Sanne Giesen

Somatic Nature Connection Coach

Sanne is a somatic nature connection coach with a background in psychology and herbalism. She deeply believes that the wisdom of nature and your own nature (your nervous system) can help you to feel deeply rooted in life, to feel resilient and feel attuned to your unique gifts and medicine. Her way of working is rooted in the wisdom and rhythms of nature, regenerative practices, ancient earth skills and last but not least: your sovereignty. She knows you know the way, and is here for you to uncover that inner wisdom together. In the past Sanne has helped folks to find balance admits stress, break free from burnout, find relief from anxiety and find new ways of being when big changes (like illness or losing a loved one) happen in life. She can also support you when feel ready to take the next step in getting more attuned to your unique gifts and medicine. With Sanne you can choose to work both online and offline in the forest. P.S. Sanne’s favourite human super power is to make fire and she would love to get to know yours!


Lauren Harrington

Certified Somatic Coach & Spiritual Counsellor

Hi I'm Lauren. It´s hard to put a label on exactly what I do, my nature of work and offerings change as I grow and change with the cycles of life. To try and sum it up, I am a Heart Led Empath, Somatic Coach, Energy Movement Teacher & Spiritual Counsellor. I work with nature based energy movement through Yoga & Qigong and weave in the magical Healing energies of Crystals, Minerals & Oils into my work and offerings. I hold space for others on their spiritual paths of healing, connection and remembrance, and support them on their own journey and transformation, creating a safe sacred space for their own medicine & magic to unfold.


Birgit Jellinek

Diet, Life and Somatic Coaching

Hi, I'm Birgit, your guide on a transformative adventure towards Food Freedom. My journey in the realm of health and well-being began with a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, and it has evolved into a passionate exploration of somatic work and nature-based coaching modalities. With 2500+ hours of nutritional consulting and general coaching combined, I bring a unique blend of expertise, including dietetics, a certification in life coaching, alongside the innovative Regenerative Alchemy™ approach. I've honed my focus on one singular goal: helping individuals liberate themselves from the endless cycle of dieting by delving deep into the underlying root causes of their struggling relationship with food. My commitment is to help you make lasting peace with both your body and nutrition. Become the author of your own food story, where nourishment becomes an act of self-love rather than a source of anxiety. 


Erin Mindi

Certified Somatic Coach & Rewilding Guide

I’m Erin Mindi, a dedicated Rewilding Guide at Wild Heart Motherhood. My specialization lies in helping women reconnect with their inner wisdom and embrace their full power as mothers. My background encompasses mental health, energy work, and somatic coaching. Within my transformative sessions, my goal is to facilitate a deeper connection to intuition, nurture a stronger sense of grounding and body connection, promote increased calm and relaxation, and empower you as a mother. The ultimate result is a profound infusion of joy and peace into your life and a greater ability to go with the flow.My approach is truly unique, as it combines my personal experience as a mother of two with my professional expertise. Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. I'm here to support you every step of the way.


Katja Markelova

Somatic Coaching, Energy Medicine, and Embodiment Practices

Katja is an alchemical educator for practitioners, a nervous system wizard, and a powerful space holder for somatic magic. Her background is 16 years of experience working in corporate, 6 of those years on the C-level, working herself into total override of her natural instincts and desires, into a chronic illness (thyroid), chronic pain, and "unexplainable" symptoms, which ended up with a total collapse. From there, she built herself back up with the help of magical space holders. And since 2020, she has done thousands of hours of official training and certifications, working with hundreds of clients 1-on-1 and in groups. She works with energetically sensitive empaths, practitioners, and space holders, ready to deepen into the physical and metaphysical aspects of their human experience.


Nina Pattani

Certified Coach and Regenerative Alchemy Somatic Practitioner

Hi I'm Nina. A Certified Coach and Regenerative Alchemy Somatic Practitioner. I also fullfill the role of Superintendent Pharmacist, Pharmacy Owner, Training Facilitator and Supervisor. 

I am the space holder for the humans who are feeling caught between cultures and want to live life by their unique design. My intention is to facilitate the resolution of head and heart conflict and I work at the level of the nervous system as well as through curiosity and intuition.

I believe in the magic of connecting to mother nature, letting love in and sending love out. I trust in time, pace and space and the unknown unknowns.

I'm a poet, reader, weight lifter, analytical mind, spiritual body and proud owner of a garden : )

I would love to continue my conga drumming lessons once I find a teacher!


Constanze Witzel

Certified Regenerative Alchemy Somatic Coach

Hello, beautiful soul. I'm Constanze, and I'm on a mission to help you experience profound self-acceptance and find an unshakable sense of safety within yourself. At the heart of my work lies the mission to guide you home—home to yourself. Because when you don't feel safe in your own body, it's challenging to feel safe in the world around you. I specialize in trauma resolution and the embodiment of spirit, helping you break free from the protective cocoon of your thoughts and guiding you back into the loving embrace of your body. As you journey with me, you'll discover that beautiful people aren't simply born that way; they've known defeat, suffering, loss, and struggle, emerging from the depths stronger and more radiant. You are one of them. You've adapted to non-normal life conditions, and I'm here to create a safe space for your healing journey. My role is to guide you back to your unique blueprint, where pleasure counteracts depression, and you're invited to touch your inner essence. My 1:1 coaching for women is a sacred space where you can shed protective armor, embracing every facet of your being. All of you is welcome here!If you're ready to reconnect with your sacredness, transmute pain into power, and remember your worth, beauty, and femininity, I'm here to guide you on this transformative journey, allowing you to fully inhabit your body and create a new future free from the armor of your past.