Activate the power of the priestess within you & give birth to your most profitable work yet.

Begins in June - only 5 spots in total.

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The deepest freedom for me has been getting paid for sharing my medicine with the world.

This is the Way of the Priestess.

For years I felt a strong pull towards her. I sometimes called it my inner witchiness or my ´woo´ - but it's the same energy - an ancient remembering of the feminine sovereignty and healing magic within.

It was the priestess who catapulted me into a magical way of experiencing my life and business, one where coherence, miracles and overflow became the norm. 

The Priestess is the archetypal energy that paves the way for magic to happen - whether it's creating aligned offers that sell out in days, increasing your income bracket or landing yourself a *pinch-me* public speaking opportunity. 

I've seen it time and time again with my clients, whenever they work intimately with her medicine, the next level of business soon follows - we're talking more magnetism, more money, more radical self-expression.

If you want this, then you have to be willing to say goodbye to being who you think people want you to be, and instead become deeply attuned to the potent, authentic and mystical truth of what you´re here to channel. 

No more hiding.

It's time to unleash the unstoppable power of the priestess within you, and channel her into the next evolution of your business.

This is where our summer group council, Power of the Priestess, comes in. 

Power of the Priestess is a 6 week intimate group council experience (with myself and 4 other big-hearted humans) to help you:

  • Unleash and embody the power of your inner priestess.
  • Get to better know and amplify your unique medicine.
  • Get clearer on exactly how to speak about what you do in a way that doesn’t sound cringe, cliché or like everyone else.
  • Work through the layers of freeze holding you back from burning bright. 

"I found myself lost in the voices of the outside world. I allowed them to rock me of center, doubt myself and wonder what I was SUPPOSED be doing, rather than listening to the sound of my SOUL. Sarah will enable you to powerfully tune in to….YOU. She will guide you out of your head, into your heart - into the space of what you’re meant to create. The thing that will set your soul on fire. And she will show you exactly how to bring it into the world, with ease & flow. Investing in mentorship with Sarah was the best business decision I've made by FAR."

Marijke de Jong, Life Coach, Healer & Founder of The Awakened Woman

What's included:

  •  Three 2 Hour Peer Councils (live on Zoom). You´ll receive witnessing, support and guidance from our small and intimate group (facilitated by Sarah). Think of it like being surrounded with a close-knit group of people who´re rooting for your success. Your magic, essence and medicine will be powerfully mirrored back to you. And you may just make friends for life.
  • One 2 Hour Somatic Priestess Ritual (live on Zoom). Get your candles, crystals and herbs at the ready, we'll be engaging in group somatic ritual to meet and embody  the priestess.
  • One Private 60 Minute Deep Dive with Me. I´ll use my own medicine to help you heal, clarify and strategise to your hearts content.
  • A Private WhatsApp Group. You´ll also be able to share and get feedback and advice in real time in our intimate WhatsApp group.

Dates & Times:

  • Live sessions will take place on Tuesday 28th May, Tuesday 11th June, Tuesday 25th June, and Tuesday 9th July 2024 at 6pm London time.


  • The fee is £995 for the entire experience (or four payments of £250).

"Sarah is a true embodiment of feminine leadership and working one-on-one with her has been profoundly transformative. I was very stuck in debilitating fear and trauma patterns when we first met and I knew I needed to dig deep and start investing in myself. Sarah’s words and divine energy resonated so deeply, I just couldn’t ignore my body’s “YES" to this work and the shifts were instantaneous! The sacred container Sarah created served as a powerful mirror which allowed all parts of me to be seen and heard with so much love and compassion. She took me on a deep inward journey to my inner-Priestess, consistently reflecting truth back to me so that I could begin to disentangle myself from my conditioning and unapologetically step into my power and purpose. It felt like pure alchemy and a long-overdue reclamation of self. My body, mind, heart and soul now feel so much more aligned and alive and I’m open to receiving abundance with ease and flow. Long gone are the days of pushing and forcing!"

Dr. Laura de Pian, Embodiment Facilitator & Founder of The Feminine Revival

Spots in our group councils are like gold dust (our last council sold out in 12 hours).

Places for our summer group council, Power of the Priestess, will be limited to just 5 in total and it's first come, first served. 

Get yourself on the waitlist to be notified when doors to application open by popping in your name and email address below. 

"Sarah has an amazing ability to guide using intuition and wisdom, and trusts in your own wisdom for your own path; which makes for some powerful expansion and growth!  It has been an experience that has a hard-to-put-my-finger-on quality to it, because really, this experience has been pure magic!"

Dr. Bekah Shallcross, Clinical Therapist and Founder of The Feminist Therapist Centre

About Sarah

Somatic Coach, Mentor & Educator (7+ years and 5750+ hours of experience)

Back in 2015, I left the stuffy constraints of academia to go on a quest to do something that felt more like me.

What started out as teaching yoga and meditation full time morphed into professional space-holding. I've now been running a small but highly profitable business for over 7 years, and have worked with hundreds of coaches, therapists, yoga teachers, psychologists and facilitators, many of whom come back time and time again to join me in different offers. 

When it comes to embodying the the priestess, I know a thing or two (I actually published a book about it called The Way of the Priestess - it did rather well!).

Come experience the magic  of the priestess for yourself.