The Academy

Rise into Your Feminine Power. Become Limitless.






“It's time to lead yourself into greatness."

- Dr Sarah Coxon

Thousands of years ago, the masculine and feminine were in balance and at peace.

But then society changed. Women lost their social power, autonomy and freedom to express themselves authentically. 

Imbalance of power between the masculine and feminine has endured for nearly 4000 years. 

But now the feminine is rising strong.  

And she wants us to reclaim her.


Limitless: The Academy is an intimate and sacred online sisterhood where you'll experience your next level of feminine empowerment and expansive living. Limitless is all about learning how to come home to your most authentic self to live a life that is true to you. It’s about feeling safe and at ease. Its about stepping into your truest power unapologetically. It’s about reclaiming your feminine body, your feminine intuition, your feminine voice and your deepest desires. It's about knowing your value and creating a life that's so incredible, so abundant, so luscious, you feel nothing but gratitude.

When you join, you’ll:

  • Reclaim Yourself: Learn how to reclaim your feminine superpowers and intuition. Learn how to create feelings of safety and allow yourself to feel the ecstasy of aliveness. 

  • Become Authentically You: In our sisterhood, we celebrate you as you are. You'll be given space to be authentically you, transcend your fear and limitations. Become limitless in your desire and free in your thinking. 

  • Share Your Voice: Learn how to move past the fear of judgement, express yourself fully and share yourself unapologetically. You'll be heard. You'll be seen. And your magic will be celebrated. 

  • Experience Next-Level Expansion: We become who we surround ourselves with. With every interaction, you'll find yourself up-leveling, expanding and letting go of what doesn't serve you. By the end you won't even recognise yourself.



- Dr Sarah Coxon

What's happening inside...


✔ Access to an incredible portal of trainings to catalyse your feminine power.

✔ Monthly activating group mentoring calls so you can be seen, heard and experience exponential expansion.

✔ Monthly New Moon or Full Moon Virtual Women's Circle. We come together, set our intentions, harness collective magic and watch our realities change.

✔ PLUS Monthly Live Masterclasses from Sarah or Guest Experts. 

✔ Access to the Limitless Community Vortex Facebook Group, where you can reach out for accountability, support & guidance and also share your wins. 


The amount of support you get in our sacred community is INCREDIBLE.


Heartfelt words from our members...

"The Academy has changed my mindset from restrictive and doubtful of my purpose, to one of openness and possibility. I couldn't recommend it enough. It really will change every aspect of your life if you invest in it. Sarah couldn't be a better person to trust when doing this kind of work. She's so supportive, kind and passionate, but will also leave you time to process and show up in your own time."

Emma Eberhardt

"I've been in Sarah's beautiful container for 2.5 months now and I can see a shift in many areas of my life.... Finally it feels real to be part of a conscious community with women who are ready to make this world a miraculous and safe place it was meant to be. My personal dream of being a free spirit wandering the earth becomes a living dream step by step. I am beyond grateful. "

Sabrina Abhai Joti

"Since I joined the Academy, I feel more ease in my life. Sarah said, if I join the Academy, my life will change and it was so true. I am discovering new things about myself everyday, healing my wounds, recoding myself and living more authentically to my true self.... I'm feeling so grateful to be part of this circle and experience. "

Adrienn Juhasz

Is this for you?

This sacred sisterhood is for the woman feeling the call to own her true self and stand in her power.

It's for the woman who wants to know herself better.

It's for the woman who knows she's here for more.

It's for the woman who wants to tap into her desires and know them fully.

It's for the woman who wants to experience exponential expansion, wealth, fulfilment and peace.

It's for the woman who wants to experience true inner freedom.

It’s for the woman who wants to create heaven here on earth.

It's for the woman who wants to rise up in sisterhood.

And it’s for the woman who wants to transcend fear, reclaim her magic and become limitless.


"Sarah's intuitive and inquisitive magic helped me unlock parts of myself that I had kept hidden away for so long and at the same time release some long-held fears that were holding me back. The magic Sarah creates is priceless and really has to be experienced to be believed. Be warned: her work is not for the faint hearted and will transform your life forever."

Grace Chinn

By the end of your time in the Limitless Academy, you will have...

⫸ Proven tools and practices for moving past fear and leaping into limitless living.

⫸ More self confidence to share your voice.

⫸ More clarity on your purpose.

⫸ Cultivated a deeper connection with yourself.

⫸ The understanding of exactly how to release yourself from anything that's holding you back from expressing yourself.

⫸ More self-belief, more connection, and more fulfilment. 




- Dr Sarah Coxon

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Sarah and I created Limitless: The Academy because, a few years ago, I was like you - a smart woman with a lot of good ideas but no self-belief.

Although I was reading lots of self-help books and listening to podcasts, my life wasn't really changing much. Something felt missing.

I needed a teacher and community.

So I strapped on my big girl boots, invested in mentorship and personal development, and haven't looked back..

I learned that with the right tools, guidance and support, anything is possible..

I learned how to move past my fears and insecurities and now I live in Portugal with the love of my life and every day I feel a sense of fulfilment. 

You know that you're here to experience and share great things - the world needs YOU. And I'm here to help you discover your unique version of limitless living.  


 More words from our community...

"So much has shifted especially in my mindset. I'm also so grateful for the community and support of all the other amazing women." Amy

"My whole world has shifted." Anna

"This has changed my life in so many ways. So eternally grateful!" Martina

"Sarah, you are pure magic! The community is so supportive - it's pure medicine!" Julia

Your Questions Answered:

How long is it? 6 months. You'll have lifetime access to the portal of trainings and a lifetime to embody what you learn.

What times are the live events? They will usually happen at 7pm London time but if you can't make them, you will have access to the replays (which as just as powerful). 

What happens if I have to miss a session? It's no issue - you'll have access to the replays.

What's the investment? It's £1099 paid in full or 12 monthly payments of £99.

Are there payment plans available? Of course. We can discuss what works for you. 

What if I'm a beginner? Or I've been doing this work for a while? Limitless is about transformation not information. It doesn't matter know much you 'know' - when you're surrounded by women who are committed to their growth, you will grow exponentially. 

Pop your name on the waitlist and be the first to know when doors reopen!



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