Weaving into Nature Retreat

Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th June 2022
Dartmoor, Devon, UK

A 4-day women's retreat for deepening personal, ancestral and ecological connection & belonging.

Reconnect to Your Deepest Self.

Reclaim Our Ancestry.

Reveal Nature's Wisdom.

Modern day to day life has disconnected us all, offering us a diminished and narrowed way of being in the world that has cut us off from the natural, joyous and deeply connected state that is our birthright.
And the majority of us are so indoctrinated into the story of the post-industrial digital age, we don't even realise the magnitude of what has been taken from us:
The currencies of deep connection and belonging.
Without a strong relationship with our bodies, our hearts, our ancestry and the land, we've lost our collective way. We've become infected by the sickness of society, that has left us with a thirst that no amount of  achievement or consumption can fully quench. 
But there are those of us who have been watching this play out, and have already felt the call to rebel. Those of us who are acutely aware of our ache for experiencing an existence that is more authentically real, more ancient, more in alignment with our truth and more connected with Mother Nature. 

This is what we are here to help you reclaim in:

Weaving into Nature Retreat. 

Through immersing yourself in the ancient and potent Dartmoor landscape, coming back to your deepest sense of heart-rooted awareness, and learning ancestral wild craft, you will learn how to reweave yourself back into the fabric of Nature and your ancestry, and in doing so reclaim your deepest joy and sense of belonging in the world.

Weaving into Nature is a rare opportunity to leave behind the modern world, just for a bit, and devote yourself to cultivating deeper connection with yourself, each other, our ancestors and Mother Nature herself, through:

1. Body & Heart Connection

You'll be initiated into deeper feelings of presence and authentic awareness through potent practices that'll help you decrease stress and anxiety, and open you up to deep joy, hope and a sense of belonging. There will also be daily yoga, meditation and breathwork to help you come home to yourself.

2. Ancestry & Nature Connection

Weaving a small basket from local rushes and bark will form one of our focal points for our time together. You'll learn millennia old wild craft weaving techniques that your ancestors knew. Through learning this meditative practice, you'll be guided into a deeper relationship with the ancestral and the natural world. Wild craft is a potent bridge between Nature, the human realm and the mythical realm.

3. Sisterhood & Collective Ritual

This retreat is a celebration of the feminine. Through group rituals and collective sharing, together we will heal the sister wound, share our dreams, our stories and creativity, and collectively redevote ourselves to living lives of purpose and meaning.

There will be daily workshops, where you'll have opportunities to deeply listen to the wisdom of your body, remember the knowledge of our ancestors, connect to the heartbeat of Nature, learn how to weave, and in doing so, remember that you ARE Nature. 
There will also be opportunities for daily yoga and pranayama (breathwork), as well as time for solitude, sisterhood, or whatever your heart desires.
This retreat is for you if:
You're seeking a space to feel nourished and cultivate a deep sense of authenticity and belonging.
You want to release stress from your body, open your heart and learn new skills.
You want to connect to your ancestors in new and stimulating ways.
You want to spend time with a group of women dedicated to sharing their stories, dreams and creativity.

Retreat Location

The retreat will take place at High Heathercombe Centre. This is a vibrant and simple community space, nestled within the beautiful Dartmoor landscape. The centre is deeply committed to the Permaculture ethics of Earth Care, Fair Shares and People Care, and seek to underpin all of their work at the High Heathercombe Centre with these core values.

The nearest airports are Bristol and Exeter.

The nearest train stations are Exeter and Newton Abbot (trains from London & Bristol are available), from which we can help to organise carpooling, or taxi pick ups closer to the time. We can help you figure out your travel.

You will be sleeping in a simple and comfortable dorm room, with no more than 3 people to a dorm.

You also have the opportunity to camp should you wish more privacy. 


All meals and snacks are included in your stay, provided by our wonderful retreat chef.

The meals will be plant-based and seasonal.

We can cater for allergies and intolerances.

Example Daily Programme

8:00am: (Optional) Yoga & Meditation with Sarah


10am: Workshop with Elizabeth

Group Lunch

2pm: Choice between Workshop with Elizabeth or Sarah

4pm: Option to Continue Activities; or Free Time

6:30pm: Group Dinner

Book Your Spot 

Cost for the retreat including all meals, 3 nights accommodation, weaving materials and teaching: £495. 

We also have two bursaries available for those that want to join but are in financial difficulty. Please email us to find out more.

We have only 12 spots available.

To book, you can either pay the amount in full or pay a non-refundable deposit of £200 to secure your spot. If you choose this option, we will require you to pay the remainder of your fee by 14th May 2022.

If you need a payment plan, please request one via email ([email protected]).


Your Facilitators


Elizabeth Crawford | Herbalist & Basket Maker

Elizabeth’s work revolves around plants and our essential human relationships with them. She is a basket maker, working primarily in mixed, locally harvested materials, and loves connecting others with this ancient craft. She has also been teaching about and practicing herbal medicine for 7 years. A keen forager and grower, Elizabeth is interested in what the plants have to teach us as well as in their myriad uses as materials, foods and medicines. Through creative, sensory experiences in nature she hopes to inspire others to find belonging on the land and in their bodies within a wild and changing world. She lives in a land based co-operative in South Devon.

Social: @foraged_futures

Dr. Sarah Coxon | Archaeologist, Women's Empowerment Coach, Permaculture Enthusiast and Yoga Teacher

Sarah is an archaeologist turned author, yoga teacher, life coach, sacred activist, permaculturist and holistic business mentor. Sarah's PhD research focussed on the intersection between wild craft and creativity in Bronze Age Europe. Her work now centres on the seeding of personal, social and ecological regeneration. It is her belief that this starts with the reclamation of the feminine, through deep embodiment, connection to the land and how we interact with it. She's been been facilitating retreats, and individual and group work for over 6 years.

Social: @drsarahcoxon