A hybrid 1:1 embodiment journey and intimate business mastermind to help you transcend your upper limits, deepen your priestess medicine and thrive in business. 

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Your desire in a nutshell? To run a business you feel really good about AND experience spaciousness, harmony, ease and overflow in your personal life. 

You want it all. The career. The fulfilment. The relationships. The community. The contribution. The magic  The medicine. The abundance. The creative expression. The recognition. The joy.

And you're ready to embody deeper transformation. 


Raise a hand if this is you....

- You feel like there's a next-level evolution that's wanting to happen in your business and life.

- But the thing is you're busy, you're not yet super confident about your next steps, and you feel like there's some deeper inner work you need to do before you give birth to a whole new version of yourself.

- You've done the mindset journalling, talk therapy, and they helped, but now you're looking to experience deeper transformation. You want to communicate with your guides, embody your medicine more and give yourself permission to embody your inner witchy priestess more and more.

- You know you're here to share big medicine with the world, and you know you're on the verge of accessing it, but you're currently still unclear as to what that is exactly and what the next steps are for you.

- Even though you're nervous, you're ready to make a bold move and find out who you really are and just what you're capable of.

What you may currently be experiencing, but haven't yet realised, is what's known as an upper limit...

The concept of the 'upper limit' comes from Gay Hendricks, and it refers to your an inner ceiling for how much abundance, joy, medicine, magic and success you can currently experience.

Your soul is clearly yearning for more. But there's currently something getting in the way.

The good news is that with the right tools and support, you can transcend your upper limits to become an entirely new version of yourself. One who knows what she's about and fully stands behind her magic and medicine. One who experiences magic and miracles, and has the emotional resilience to weather storms with grace. One who feels deeply rooted and like she belongs.


The Flourish & Thrive Coven is a 3-month hybrid personalised 1:1 deep-dive embodiment journey and intimate business mastermind, meticulously designed to meet you where you're at and help you shift old patterns, embody your truest medicine, bring forth your most potent work, amplify your leadership & creativity, and thrive in life & business.


Here's the thing though; you can't mindset your way out of an upper limit.

You'd be forgiven for thinking that you can, seeing as mindset journalling and affirmations are usually given as the go-to practices for 'getting out of your own way'. 

But if mindset mantras were that effective, everyone who said them would experience huge growth. And we know that's not the case.

The reason that you can't just rely on mindset work is that you are a holistic being and your upper limits are a mixture of your conditioning, your beliefs, your practices, your nervous system responses and even your environment.

If you want to transcend your upper limits, you have to work holistically to become an entirely new version of yourself.

And this is where the process of somatic embodiment comes in. 

Those of us who embody a new identity and a new way of being are the ones who go on to experience long-lasting inner and outer transformation.

This is what we're here to help you experience.

In The Flourish & Thrive Coven, you'll be supported to transcend your upper limits by embodying a new way of being.

To do this, we will focus on the three following areas:

1. 1:1 Embodiment (Somatic) Work. You can't mindset your way out of old limiting patterns. Change requires that you work with your body and nervous system, so that you can slowly resolve the somatic nervous system imprints that are responsible for the unconscious behavioural patterns that are keeping you stuck. You can then connect to and embody a new, sovereign, nourished and empowered way of being in the world. This work isn't a magic pill, but it works like magic.

2. Aligned Business Design. If your business isn't feeling nourishing, there's a design flaw in it somewhere. And most likely you can't see it. By the end of our time together, you'll walk away with a bespoke business and marketing plan that will feel like you. This will not only work for you (because it's in alignment), but it'll last for the long-term, ensuring that you keep on thriving long after you've left our Coven.

3Community, Magic & Ritual. Sharing in safe community is one of the quickest ways to transcend our wounding. This sets us free to be ourselves and thrive in ways we didn't even know we could. Regular intimate community rituals offer us communal spaces to digest unprocessed material and give birth to the versions of ourselves we want to be. Ritual is how we plug ourselves back into the great mystery, and direct our healing attention - it is the portal through which miracles effortlessly happen.


How The Flourish & Thrive Coven works:


1. You Work Privately with Sarah on Several Big Core Personal or Business Topics / Challenges

At the beginning of the container, we dive deep for 90 minutes to co-create and map out a bespoke 3 month journey together. You'll receive a personalised programme that includes aims & developmental objectives, and personalised  foundation practices. We then meet every month for either one or two 75 minute sessions (you get to choose the level of support you desire) to focus on these core objectives, moving you effectively from one way of being to another. This is deep, resolution-based, laser-focused,  highly effective inner alchemical work.

Together we can focus on things such as:

  • Recognising when your nervous system is dysregulated and regulating it so that your decision-making is more aligned with what you desire.
  • Identifying your unmet needs
  • Strengthening your capacity to receive
  • Cleaning up your relationship with money and expanding your capacity to receive, hold & direct it
  • Filling your own cup so that you're energised, ignited and inspired
  • Unburdening the parts of you that are constantly striving so that you can feel calmer and more at ease
  • Bringing more spaciousness and fun into your life
  • Boundary repair and implementation
  • Healing your relationship with responsibility
  • Regenerative life design (informed by permaculture principles and indigenous wisdom)
  • Regenerative (& restorative) business model design that increases your capacity to earn in a way that feels featherlight 
  • Medicinal marketing and magnetic messaging so that your marketing regenerates you and brings you more clients with more ease.
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
  • Light, joyful, effective and socially-responsible marketing 


2. You'll Also Be Part of an Intimate Business Mastermind 

You will also be part of an intimate mastermind (6 people max).

We meet together twice a month for 2 hours (Wednesdays at 11am PST/ 7pm GMT / 8pm CET) for:

- One Regenerative Ritual a Month. Each circle will have a regenerative theme and accompanying ceremony, a collective ritualistic space to process unfinished business and amplify your personal transformative journey. Get your candles, crystals and herbs at the ready.

 - One Council a Month. Each council is an opportunity for you to receive witnessing, support and guidance from the group (facilitated by Sarah). 

- Access to a private WhatsApp group.

"I found myself lost in the voices of the outside world. I allowed them to rock me of center, doubt myself and wonder what I was SUPPOSED be doing, rather than listening to the sound of my SOUL. Sarah will enable you to powerfully tune in to….YOU. She will guide you out of your head, into your heart - into the space of what you’re meant to create. The thing that will set your soul on fire. And she will show you exactly how to bring it into the world, with ease & flow. Investing in mentorship with Sarah was the best business decision I've made by FAR."

Marijke de Jong, Life Coach, Healer & Founder of The Awakened Woman

Testimonial Transparency: Marijke was able to experience these kinds of results because she was curious and deeply committed to the process, no matter what came up. We built a beautiful client / facilitator relationship over time.

This hybrid 1:1 somatic embodiment journey and intimate business mastermind is for you if: 

  • You want to do the tried & tested deep inner work that actually makes a real difference to your life and business, and be part of a mastermind of savvy business owners who also care about what matters most.
  • You're wanting to pivot, and be more self-expressed, but you're feeling afraid - you'd love to have support to give birth to a whole new version of yourself.
  • Wanting to shift the way you work because you're done with being a cog in the wheel of capitalism. There's got to be more to life than just making money, right? And yet you do also want to be well- resourced.
  • You want to normalise spacious schedules, making money and having a work-life balance - and you know what you need to surround yourself with people who have the same values and desires.

By joining The Flourish & Thrive Coven, here's what the end result could look like for you:

  • You increase your capacity to receive (joy, revenue, love, connection, ease - you name it, it's yours).
  • You feel calmer and more relaxed.
  • You feel more joy, nourishing richness, and flow.
  • You are more present with the ones you love.
  • You feel more full and satisfied.

  • You've unleashed your creativity, deepened your magic and are giving birth to your deepest & most exciting work yet.

  • You have deeper clarity and trust in your next chapter.
  • You're clearer on your authentic soul mission, your direction, and the steps to take.
  • You've cleaned up your marketing and ability to potently express what you do in a compelling way.
  • You've cleaned up your relationship with money so that it feels healthier, lighter and more expansive
  • You feel a deeper sense of inner safety and embodied purpose
  • You are more magnetic to resources and opportunities that allow you to live your highest purpose.


What makes this different from the majority of masterminds/ programmes out there:


1. You Receive a Personalised Embodiment Programme. We're all different. You'll receive your own bespoke embodiment programme, giving you a personalised roadmap so that you know exactly what to focus on to get the best results for you. 

2. You Receive Deep 1:1 Space-Holding. You deserve potent and transformative space held just for you, where you can bring anything that needs alchemising, in a non-judgemental environment. 1:1 work with me isn't a magic pill, but it is magic. This somatic work touches stuff mindset work and talk therapy could only dream of.

3. We Keep It Intimate. This isn't a large group mastermind where you feel lost in a see of loud voices. You will be one of 6 group members max, ensuring that you feel safe, seen and get the attention and witnessing that you deserve. I can't stress enough the healing and expansive potential of being in such a group like this. These people will see you, expand you and lift you in ways you may not ever have experienced before. This is how we heal and grow. 

The Flourish & Thrive Coven isn't a space for you if:

  • You're looking for someone to save you.
  • You've experienced major traumatic events that you haven't yet acknowledged or given any space to process. You don't need to be fully healed from them to join, but if this is the first time touching that stuff, it might not be the best place for you.
  • You have never worked for yourself. It's ok if you're newish to business, or you're pivoting into a new business, but if you've never had a client and you have absolutely no experience in being self-employed, this container isn't for you.
  • You're not able to invest in yourself and your work. The investment for The Coven is really f*cking reasonable, but if you're not able to invest in this work, it's not the right place for you at this time.
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"Sarah has an amazing ability to guide using intuition and wisdom, and trusts in your own wisdom for your own path; which makes for some powerful expansion and growth!  It has been an experience that has a hard-to-put-my-finger-on quality to it, because really, this experience has been pure magic!"

Dr. Bekah Shallcross, Clinical Therapist and Founder of The Feminist Therapist Centre

Testimonial Transparency: Bekah came ready and open to dive deep into this work. She showed up whole-heartedly to each session. 

About Sarah

Somatic and Trauma Trained Priestess.

Back in 2015, I left the stuffy constraints of academia to go on a quest to do something that felt more like me.

What started out as teaching yoga and meditation full time morphed into professional space-holding. I've now been facilitating deep inner alchemy for nearly 5 years.

I take a trauma-informed approach, meaning that I am trained in helping my clients create deeper, more sustainable and long-lasting transformation, at the level of the nervous system. 

I also take a regenerative approach, meaning that I help my clients look for solutions that mimic the natural laws of Nature (because Nature is magic).

My work is heavily influenced by the following teachers (some of who I have worked with closely, and others I have only 'met' through their books and online training programmes):

  • Steve and Sarah Harrison - The Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton UK. 200 Hour YTT Certified.
  • Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy - Certified.
  • Rachael Maddox - ReBloom Trauma Resolution. 1:1 Mentorship - Much of the framework of The Flourish & Thrive Coven is based on my experience with Rachael.
  • Natalie Brite - Ethical Marketing and Sustainable Business. 1:1 Mentorship.
  • Richard Schwartz and Fran Booth - Internal Family Systems and Parts Work. Integrative Somatic Parts Work Certified.
  • Charles Eistenstein - Sacred Economics
  • Looby MacNamara - People and Permaculture
  • Robin Wall Kimmer - Braiding Sweetgrass
  • Trudi Lebron - Anti-Racist Business
  • Resmaa Menakem - My Grandmother's Hands


  • 3000+ hours of yoga / somatic guiding experience (over 8 years)
  • 2000+ hours of coaching experience (over 5 years)

Innate Superpowers (that can't be certified or quantified):

  • Instinctive recognition of patterns and wider implications
  • Witchy / priestess felt-sense impulses, intuitive hits and downloads from my guides
  • Deep ancestral wisdom that I'm in the process of reclaiming
  • Gifted at messaging and business strategy - I'm able to get to heart of how to speak about your work in a compelling way. I'm also good at helping people find the right business model for them.

Other Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Permaculture Design Certification (Terra Alta, Portugal)
  • PhD in Humanities (Research Topics: Creativity & Cognition. Embodied Knowledge. Gender Archaeology. Identity. Prehistoric Europe.)

"Sarah is a true embodiment of feminine leadership and working one-on-one with her has been profoundly transformative. I was very stuck in debilitating fear and trauma patterns when we first met and I knew I needed to dig deep and start investing in myself. Sarah’s words and divine energy resonated so deeply, I just couldn’t ignore my body’s “YES" to this work and the shifts were instantaneous! The sacred container Sarah created served as a powerful mirror which allowed all parts of me to be seen and heard with so much love and compassion. She took me on a deep inward journey to my inner-Priestess, consistently reflecting truth back to me so that I could begin to disentangle myself from my conditioning and unapologetically step into my power and purpose. It felt like pure alchemy and a long-overdue reclamation of self. My body, mind, heart and soul now feel so much more aligned and alive and I’m open to receiving abundance with ease and flow. Long gone are the days of pushing and forcing!"

Dr. Laura de Pian, Embodiment Facilitator & Founder of The Feminine Revival

Testimonial Transparency: Laura was a joy to work with. Open, curious and ready for change.

Joining The Flourish & Thrive Coven is a great option if you're the type of person who likes to work with the best and you're looking to have high-quality high-touch support in place to give birth to a whole new version of yourself in 2023. This deep inner alchemical work changes everything. 


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