My Top Tips to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2021

In this article, we're diving into what the imposter phenomenon is - what it is, how it limits us and what you can do to disrupt it so that you can thrive as a priestess.

What I’ll be sharing with you is particularly relevant if you’re a coach, guide, teacher, healer or facilitator, but truly, this is for anyone who experiences extreme self-doubt.

My Personal Experience

I have always felt like a fraud.

 Back in 2015, I had just been awarded my PhD. I remember expecting to feel elated. But I didn’t. Not only was it a complete anti-climax, but I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. The feeling of being a fraud.

 I convinced myself that they had passed me just to be kind. And whenever anyone congratulated me, the knot in my stomach would tighten, and I’d quickly try to change the subject. Despite 8 years of study, I felt that I had somehow fooled everyone, and it was incredibly painful. I felt worthless and small.

 Some 18 months later, I...

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Uncategorized Oct 23, 2021

This blog post is about what to do if your offer isn't selling.

Most new business owners panic when their offer isn’t selling. 

They wonder if they should lower the price or try selling something different.

But the reality is, if your offer isn’t selling, it’s not because it’s too expensive, or people don’t want it (if that was the case, no-one would ever make money as a coach, and we know that's not the case).

It’s because *drum roll*….. probably have weak messaging. 

Messaging is how we share about our offer in a clear and compelling way. It’s what makes people go ‘holy shit, that’s me, where do I sign up?’

No amount of posting on social media or fancy launch strategies will work if you don’t have your messaging dialled Prospective clients won’t even register that your offer can help them, which is a shame for them and sucks for you. You want your audience to be like...

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Let’s talk REGENERATIVE business practices

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2021

This blog post is about regenerative (sustainable) business.

Sustainability is a bit of a buzzword these days. I love the intention behind it, but I think we can do better. 

As a conscious business owner, I don’t believe we should try and sustain how things are right now (individual, collective and ecological burnout is becoming more and more prevalent). 

I believe we should work towards regeneration - for ourselves, our clients, our communities and Mother Earth. 

So how do we move towards regeneration in our businesses? We look to the laws of nature. With that in mind, here are three areas of focus that will help you create a more regenerative business:

One - Simplicity

Complexity is actually incredibly unsustainable. A regenerative business model is one that focuses on simplicity. This means an ecosystem of one or two core offers that truly help people thrive. And mastering and leveraging a simple and effective marketing and sales strategy. Nature shows...

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Were you BURNED by your last business coach?

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2021

This blog post is about turning a bad coaching experience into a good one .

Let’s face it - sometimes, we make shitty business investment decisions.

Maybe that 5-10k coach promised you the world (hello manipulative marketing), and you feel like, you ended up with very little in return #beenthere.

Or you made an investment, the coach was lovely, but you weren’t actually ready to show up, do the work and be the driver of your experience #ithappens.

In the time that’s passed since that experience, you’ve probably gained a lot of clarity on what you now need to master in your biz (be it messaging, alignment or sales). 

And of course you know that mentoring is always gonna fast-track you, right? But what if there’s a lot of fear and resistance about investing again? How do you make a move when you feel so stuck?

To help you move past this fear into a more empowering space, where you can make a solid investment in your business growth, here are...

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What’s your investment style? (& why it could be cock-blocking you from the results you want)

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2021

This blog post will help you get the most out of your business investments.

When it comes to investing in our businesses, we’re surely all on board with the idea that aligned investment is a key component for biz growth (I mean, shoe-stringing your biz is not a badass priestess move, right?). 

But what if more important than IF you invest, is HOW you invest?

Because, and this will blow your mind - we attract who we are.

And so, if we want to attract premium committed clients, we need to be a premium committed client ourselves.

To illustrate this, I invite us to go a little deeper.

There are 3 key business investor types (NB this has nothing to do with the price, and everything to do with the investment approach).

1. The Reluctant Investor. She knows she should invest, but doesn’t trust herself to actually get a return on her investment. She wonders why she attracts clients who are unwilling to pay.

2. The FOMO Investor. She doesn’t yet know what she needs to...

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A simple BUSINESS MODEL for monetising your priestess magic

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2021

This blog post shares a simple business model for monetising your priestess magic and getting paid for bringing healing to the world.

I’m SO grateful for the coaching industry.

One - it’s allowed me personally to live my purpose and help hundreds of women change the trajectory of their lives.

Two - it’s a space where women can reclaim their priestesshood, step into feminine leadership, unapologetically own their healing magic and get paid for bringing healing to the world.

It truly has never been more simple to monetise your priestess magic and replace (heck, even increase) your 9-5 salary.

The numbers alone say it all.

Let’s say you’re just starting out and you start out with medium-ticket 1:1 packages (in the coaching industry high-ticket is generally considered as anything £3.5k+ and medium-ticket is £1.5k+).

And lets say you begin with a medium-ticket £1.5k 1:1 coaching package, and through consistent messaging and...

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Priestess, let's talk about your IMPOSTER SYNDROME

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2021

This blog post is about moving past imposter syndrome.

If you’ve been feeling the call to teach, or facilitate, or express, or speak out, or create….. you’ve been feeling the energy of HER - the Priestess.

Simply put, you are a vessel of the Divine, here to channel divine wisdom, end suffering, and make the world a better, more beautiful place.

But most likely, imposter syndrome is getting in the way of you truly making the difference you know deep down you’re here to make.

The nagging belief that you’re not ready yet and that you don’t know enough may feel like objective truth to you. But we know that this isn’t the case, because it’s been shown that imposter syndrome is less about ability and more about creating feelings of ‘safety’.

In fact, research has demonstrated that those of us who experience imposter syndrome tend to be more conscientious and actually perform better than those that don’t feel like...

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Uncategorized Sep 06, 2021

This blog post is about stepping into your priestesshood and growing a thriving online business. 

I love working with various priestess archetypes, because they give us a great framework for understanding our journey to feminine empowerment and divine purpose, and what we can focus on embodying to bring us closer to our life vision.

There are two priestess archetypes I want to share with in this post:

1. The Closet Priestess

2. And The Empowered Priestess

The Closet Priestess is a rebel, here to challenge the status quo. She wants to run a business that gives her freedom and helps people, but she’s confused about what to offer and what to focus on. 

She’s obsessed with personal development, knows a tonne and people always come to her for advice. 

She has a big heart, she’s hungry for growth, but she’s also worried she does’t know enough and she’s not qualified enough. She’s scared of judgement and not being...

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The magical ingredient that ensures SUCCESS

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2021

This blog post is about the relationship between service and success.

I've just come back from a two week off grid experience, in an incredible space called Terra Alta, Portugal. I haven't quite found the words yet to express how transformative this experience was, and how it has ignited another kind of awakening within me, one where ecological literacy and stewardship of our planet take precedence. I'll share deeper about my experience in another post soon.

In the meantime, I want to share with you some thoughts on the relationship between service and success.

Spending my days sleeping in the forest, taking care of the land, harvesting our food, and being in sacred community has reminded me that we can be in service every moment, and that it’s this that allows us to live a rich and nourishing life.

When it comes to our businesses, what I’ve seen with myself and with my clients is that when we allow our desire to truly...

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What's WAY more important than being liked

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2021

This blog post is about feminine leadership.

Social media is shaping our quality of leadership - and not necessarily for the better.

Let me explain my thinking around this.

Through the very way it’s been designed, it teaches us to be ‘followed’ and ‘liked’.

But the way I see it is that true leadership isn’t about being followed - it’s about helping people to lead themselves.

And should we really strive to be ‘liked’?

As if somehow, if we don’t get enough likes, what we have to say is worthless?

I’ve noticed that my content that really speaks to the change I want to see (and brings in clients who feel the same way) rarely gets lots of likes. I could spend hours hypothesising about why, but what I do know is that if we as leaders of change are constantly getting lots of applause, we’re probably not yet sharing our deepest truth.

What does this mean for YOU?

Let go of caring about vanity metrics.

Say what needs to be...

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